Stating that even the hours of the day are separated into various astrological signs and effects, Ibrahim Hakki continues as follows:

In thirty couplets I outlined the hours to prefer and the hours to avoid.

That which is referred to by the name Allah is the doer of all deeds regardless of dimension, 

Creating cause and effect from the micro to the macro dimensions.

Depending on the hour in which you are in,

The planet that effects that hour will cause a positive or negative effect thereof.

He continues to provide further detail as follows:

Split the hours into seven planetary effects

Know that the planet that coincides the hour in which you are in is its ruler

The hours of Saturn are burdensome and uncomfortable

Its place is the seventh orbit, you can construct but don’t start anything new

Jupiter is a welcome host and insinuates a pleasurable time

A good time to eat drink and be merry

When Mars rules an hour, avoid doing much

It’s a difficult time, well suitable for medical operations and giving blood

During the hour of the sun, the fourth planet, you can visit elders and loved ones

Venus is a fortunate hour, good for gatherings and meetings, conversations and music

Mercury is good for gatherings, poetry and prose, reading and calculating

The moon hour is pleasurable, a good time to journey, trade and communicate

Thus, the seven planets rule the hours

Get to Know your essential reality, for there lies the ruler of all that exists.

On his work on the human body, Ibrahim Hakki explains the following:

 As the planets exude their effects on objects and beings with the power of Allah, the characteristics of people are formed whilst still in their mothers’ wombs. 

The thoughts and states of the mother and the father at the time when the sperm reaches the egg will effectively format the development of the egg.   

For instance, their inner-peace, their unhappiness, understanding, idiocy, stinginess, generosity, fear, love, enmity, greed, thoughtfulness, benevolence, poverty or wealth, comfort or discomfort, whatever the state, it will affect the newborn.

For that is the data (software) that forms the newborn, and that data mirrors all of the data in existence.

Thus, some are destined for eternal bliss, and some for eternal sorrow, but all of this takes place while still in the mother’s womb.

Regarding this matter, Hadhrat Habib-i Ekrem has stated the following:

The blissful are those who have found bliss in their mother’s wombs, and the tormented are those whose torment starts in their mother’s wombs.

Everyone’s fate has in one way or another been predetermined.

Due to all of these effects, everyone’s mortality is also predetermined at this point.

To not beleaguer the point further, I won’t refer to the works of Imam Aziz Ibn Muhammad al-Nasafi.  In his work Zubdat al-haqa’iq (Quintessence of Realities), he discussed the effects of the planets on people in great detail. Those that wish can try and find English translations of his works.

For those that read Ibn Arabi’s Revelations in Mecca, they will note that the work contains many references that have still not been fully understood to our day.

Now let’s look at the science of Astrology… and to its effect on humankind.

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