What about our emotions and reactions?

The sign the moon is in at the time of our birth represents our emotional sensitivity. The area in which we are most emotional is represented by the ‘house’ the moon is placed in our natal charts, at the exact time of our birth.

Again, I want to underline the importance of the ascendant sign. All astrological events transpire according to the effects you receive from your ascendant. If you don’t know your rising sign, that is if you don’t know your exact time of birth and hence don’t have access to your natal chart you cannot conceive how you will be affected by certain events and situations.

Is there no way of understanding?

You can always pick up an astrology book and read up on the physical properties of all the rising signs to see which of them describe you best but of course this can’t be an accurate guess. Sometimes a “stellium” occurs in a particular house, that is more than three planets are gathered in the same house creating a super strong force in that particular area, which can also affect your physical properties and be confused as the rising sign.

Here’s a little summary of the different physical properties of the signs.



Long fingers but not thin, tips of the nails are square like. They have a strong build, usually of medium height to tall, a wide forehead that’s protruding. Plump but not chubby.


Leos can easily be recognized by their hair, hands and build. No matter how beautiful or handsome they may be, their hands always resemble a paw. The joints on their fingers are emphasized and bony, they have strong hands. As opposed to the fleshy chubby and soft hands of the water group, Leo hands are firm, stiff and bony. They have wide shoulders, effeminate, abundant and mane like hair. They have a strong and attractive appearance.


They have a wide forehead, oval face but not so bony. A straight nose. Not very fleshy lips, they are usually sarcastic and tactless with their speech. Generally thin and tall until 35 but after the age of 35 they tend to gain a little weight around the waist area and have a slight belly. They are usually first to attract attention in a crowd.



Generally thin and skinny, of medium to tall height. Their hands are long and bony. Females have pointy, males have thin fingers. Their nails are long and sharp. Females usually have a pretty face, males have a bony, large nose. They generally have stomach problems. Their nervous system is sensitive. They are generous, very energetic and change their minds very often. 


All Librans whether male or female almost always have a beautiful face. Their hands are not bony but not chubby either, their heights are medium to tall. They have a proportionate body. They usually have a beauty spot on their face. They are talkative, sympathetic, warm and dynamic.


They have a thickset, medium height, not pretty but cute, warm, they love anything to do with electronics and are generally big headed. Their hands are slightly fleshy, long and thin, with long sharp nails. 



Cancer ascendants can be easily recognized whether female or male. They are of short to medium height. Fleshy body, round head, their nose is bony at the top protruding towards the tip. They have a small chin. Females have distinct breasts, generally large. Their hands are chubby, short fingers, fleshy and sharp pointed nails. They tend to have major mood swings and can suddenly feel down and pessimistic.


Scorpio ascendants are also easy to recognize. Medium to tall height. Distinct bony chin that is v-shaped. Short legs. Generally, a charming face. Their skin is usually pinkish white. If females haven’t received other effects their breasts and buttocks are distinct. They are usually highly energetic and like to dominate their environment. They have an administrative and cynical style.


Pisceans are stout, large and round or slightly oval faced, they have a large nose, large ears but not as flat as with the Scorpios. Round fleshy chin and jowl.

These descriptions can be used as a very general guideline for those who don’t know their rising sign but definitely nowhere near an accurate measure, for there are such countless formations created by the One that we can only try and surmise and study them in very general groups.

Now let’s have a look at how astrology affects humans…

The first way of receiving effects: The position of the planets in the solar system at the time of your birth and the outer planets make 30-60-90-120-150-180 degree aspects to each other which stimulates the topics represented by the houses they are located in.

The second way: If transiting planets make any of the above listed aspects to any of the planets in your personal chart then the effects become stronger. For example, transiting Sun or Saturn or Uranus making a 90 or a 120-degree aspect to your natal Venus or Mars.

The third type: The third type is through the Moon. The Moon very closely resembles our emotions. When it passes through our ascendant or the other signs that are of the same element of our ascendant it can make us very sensitive and reactive. If we can’t keep our feelings and emotions under control at such times with our intellect we will most probably do or say things that we will later regret.

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