Internal                 External

Water                      Fire

Water                      Air

Water                      Water

Water                      Earth

The most prominent characteristic of the water element is its emotional make-up. If this emotional nature combines with a fire ascendant it can lead to extreme behavior. 90% of those whom we call delirious have an internal water sign and external fire sign. Those who feel the most remorse are usually from this group. They frequently end up doing things they later regret because of their inability to control their emotions. They are exuberant people yet very compassionate and kind.

If the inner water is combined with an external air sign then you generally have a philanthropist as the air makes one generous and the water compassionate. If earth is the rising sign then this person will still be emotional but self-seeking and modest in general. If, however they feel threatened in any way then suddenly a lion will come roaring out of them. They are not very flexible and can find it difficult to adapt to change.

Internal                 External

Earth                       Fire

Earth                       Air

Earth                       Water

Earth                       Earth

An external fire element combined with an internal earth usually makes a boisterous person but not as out of control as the water group. Also, whereas the water person is driven by his emotions the earth person is driven by his benefit and gain. 

An external air makes one materialist in the head but not so much in action. You will think they are generous people but in their minds, they are highly materialistic.

If the exterior element is water then they will be merciful but their charity/help will usually be of small amounts.       

An earth exterior combined with an earth interior is usually a very modest person but acquisitive to the point of being stingy and almost always quite wealthy.

I’m aware that this information is extremely general and limited but given that this book is not a book of astrology it should be understandable that I cannot go into further detail.

Now four external elements combined with four internal elements yields 16 different groups of people. Upon further categorization we end up with 144 primary groups, and every person belongs to one of these groups.

For example, sun sign Aries with a rising sign Leo is fire on fire, or sun in Aquarius combined with Sagittarius rising is fire on air, or a Cancer sun sign with a Capricorn ascendant is earth on water etc…

As I said earlier everyone has two primary signs. 

The sun (internal) sign shows their capability and aptitude.

The ascendant or rising sign (external) shows their skills and talents.

The brain is the person’s “Lawh-i Mahfuz” (Preserved Tablet)!

The effects the essence of the brain receives on the 120th day after conception is the person’s “al-A’yan al-Thabitah” (the immutable archetypal realities).

The worldly life and all humans are, by divine determination and precaution, under the governance of the zodiacal signs and the angels that transit their force (rays). Additionally, the intermediary realm (barzakh), that is all those who have left their physical bodies but continue to live until doomsday, and all of the heavens and hell are also subject to these effects.

Ibn Arabi’s insights (kashf) are very accurate in this area.

This being the case, some people will be drawn to each other and some will repel each other. 

If two people have the same internal and external elements they will have sympathy for one another. If their internal elements are the same but their external elements are different, where one is fire and the other is air or one is earth and the other is water then they will be attracted to each other. 

If the internal element of one is fire and the other is earth they will not easily get along, especially if their external elements are fire against water then they will definitely repel each other.

If their internal elements are compatible but their external elements are incompatible then it’s a difficult relationship. For example, internal air-water against external fire-water combination. Or, internal air–fire against external fire-earth or fire-water…

There is also the crosswise combination, for example you “think” you are fond of someone by looking at their appearance and external qualities but in effect your mindsets are very different. Why? Because your inner and outer realities are in conflict. Let’s say your inner make-up is air and outer element is water, your partner’s outer element is fire and internal element is earth. Your airy mind set is going to be drawn to their fiery appearance but when it comes to sitting down and actually communicating your values, you’re going to conflict with each other; you’re always going to have different perspectives.

So, then the success of all relationships, whether friendship, business or romantic, depends heavily on the compatibility of these signs and elements, and hence the attraction or repulsion of their brain frequencies. Those who have no attracting elements in their inner or outer make-up can’t form a relationship.

The mystery behind “whomever you’re with in this world you will long to be with in the life after death” is partly based on this truth. 

The relationships between people, the sympathy or the antipathy that they feel are all driven by these energies. If you are drawn to someone and you like them, your signs and elements are compatible in some way, and it’s generally an attraction between the external signs and elements.

One’s make-up and relationships depend on how their brain has been programmed by these cosmic energies. 

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