The hadith states; “Allah was, and besides Him nothing else existed. No air was under him, no air was above him” to which Hadhrat Ali (ra), the zenith of Sainthood, added, And it is still so…” i.e. “It is still that moment.”

That ‘instant’ that the Rasul of Allah (saw) referred to is this ‘instant’; the only instant there is. The entire existence is contained within this single ‘instant’. There is only one Single Reflection.

All forms of existence with innumerous names within the Divine Knowledge have been brought into existence, i.e. “created” from nothingness for the purpose of “Self observation”!

The source of all names, the One who gives life to the Names and manifests them, the source of universal energy (al-Hayy) willed with his name “al-Mureed” to observe the infinite meanings with his attribute of Knowledge and thus used His attribute of Power to give individual forms to them, and according to the meanings he willed to manifest, gave them an intellect. Because he created from his knowledge he gave them the ability to observe and be observed and hence the names as-Sami and al-Basir were expressed. While their individual existence were still in the form of words (kalaam) with the attribute of takwin (Divine production, formation, bringing-into-being) life emerged and manifested as the world of acts.

Despite this, in the sight of the One denoted as Allah…

There is only one single instant “dahr”! Everything has transpired within this instant. The rest is no different than the perpetual ripples that formed after the stone hits the water. Infinite dimensions like the infinite ripples, one leading to another. What transpires in one dimension is no different than what has transpired in the previous dimension.

When the brain is able to work at higher levels of its potential it is able to accomplish a leap in consciousness, which enables the person to experience these higher dimensions of life.

The enlightened ones are endowed with the ability to leap into higher levels of consciousness to then observe, with divine grace, why things transpire the way they do in this realm and for what purpose.

Coming back to the formation of spirits…

An infinite surge of energy sourcing from the single Spirit has formed angels depicting infinite meanings. These meanings in the form of angels then densified and materialized into certain shapes and structures brining about the world we see and experience. Some became the stars some became conscious beings. 

The angels, or the conscious masses of energy objectified as “stars” permeate infinite meanings/rays congruent to their purpose of creation.

Lastly, “man” was created with a brain capacity to evaluate these infinite meanings. 

When a human is first created, that is the 120th day after conception, he is uniquely programmed via specific rays coming from these “angels” or the star signs (constellations; a group of angels). This programming is done according to the qualities and attributes Allah wills to observe on the person.

This is explained in the verse:

“Who created you (manifested you), formed you (with a brain, an individual consciousness and a spirit) and balanced you (the work process of your brain, consciousness and spirit)!

Whatever form (manifestation of Names) He willed for you, He configured your composition accordingly.”[1]

Hence individual spirits, that is, spirits with a personality whom will continue on to eternal abodes of life after death, are formed in this fashion, in this world, via the brain.

Those whose brains are programmed with the rays of compatible star signs and the spirits that are formed thereof will attract each other and get along. Even if they’ve never met before they will feel an instant spark when they see each other. Or, if they are of incompatible elemental compositions they will repel each other even without an apparent reason.

As I said this is not a book of astrology so I do not wish to go into further detail. My purpose is only to explain how the human make-up is formed and programmed, the role of the cosmic effects on humans, the system in which humans and their future is subject to, and the mechanism by which the entire existence operates.

If Allah wills I intend to write new books exploring these topics in much greater detail.  But for now, let us take a closer look at “man”. 


[1] Quran 82:7-8

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