Let us remember the hadith narrated by Anas (r.a.):

The Rasul of Allah (saw) said, 

“When Allah wills to fulfill the fate of his servant he takes his mind away and the person commits a sin in this state and then Allah gives his mind back (brings him to his senses) and the person feels deep regret saying, ‘how did I engage in such an act?’” (Dailami)

So how is fate fulfilled?

A perfectly sane person can do strange things when under the effects of certain transits. For example, Mars is transiting over his natal sun and the moon is conjunct with one of he planets in his 1st house (rising sign) and suddenly he becomes super sensitive and reactive to the other person and ends up in a massive argument which leads him to stab the other guy with a knife. When he’s back to his senses he claims he wasn’t himself and can’t understand or explain why he did what he did.

Such things we often hear on the news are examples of how fate plays out, which is confirmed by the hadith above. So then can we blame anyone? This I shall answer in the chapter about having faith in fate.

For now, let’s just see how it plays out…

How does Allah fulfill fate at every instance?

Our brains are under constant bombardment of cosmic rays coming from the constellations. These rays (the continuously changing aspects, degrees, transits) stimulate specific circuitries that were originally activated by the planets at the time of birth.

For example, Mars in your natal chart may be aspected by Jupiter for some time, and then it may be aspected by Saturn, and then the Sun. These aspects may have supportive or difficult effects, depending on their degrees.  Or your natal Moon is constantly under the effects of all the transiting planets that trigger the relevant circuitry according to your personal chart.

Hence, we are constantly going from one state to another.

Some people have very difficult natal charts with hard aspects and they have a very sensitive makeup, they may become extremely emotional and reactive by the slightest external trigger.

And some are extremely thick-skinned and fixed in their ways; they are hardly affected by external circumstances by which others may fall apart. Some others are extraverted, confident, social, and assertive while others are introverted and passive, always waiting for others to take initiative.

Some experience rich and expansive internal states, which they can’t express outwardly. While others are very expressive, talkative, energetic and magnetic outwardly but internally they may be very shallow and may easily find themselves in remorseful situations.

In short, all human characteristics are defined and determined by their natal charts, the programming their brains received by the cosmic rays at the time of their birth.

Their lives are driven in the direction of this initial programming. However, this is not an absolutely fixed unalterable program, for with dhikr new circuitry can be activated in the brain leading to new skills and changes in behavior.

These changes are related more to the person’s “aptitude” and affect the programming based on their date of birth, not their time of birth, as the latter is harder to alter and takes much longer.

As I mentioned before the effects received on the 120th day program the person’s al-A’yan al-Thabitah (the immutable archetypal realities) and are thus unalterable! The fortunate one is defined as the fortunate and the unfortunate one is defined as the unfortunate in their mothers’ womb!

That is, there is only one chance at activating the brains ability to produce the anti-gravitational force. It is either activated on the 120th after conception or can never be activated again.

Indeed, Allah does as Allah wills! And none can question or judge Allah’s will and activity!

To reiterate, the brain can turn on new circuitry, rewire itself via certain “dhikr” practices and thus alter the person’s worldly life and life after death in new and different ways.

Now you may ask about whether dhikr is the same as the mantras that are used in Buddhism during meditation, which usually lead to a state of trance. 

To answer this, we must look at the topic from a wider perspective.

Is Islam, dhikr is done with the names of Allah. These names are references to certain comic meanings and since the brain is formed and organized according to these cosmic energies, by repeating these names you tune your brain to the frequency of the universe and hence connect and make contact to the universal meanings. You start interacting with angels.

Other mantras on the other hand randomly create sensitivities in the brain making the brain more receptive, which open entry pathways to the jinn – the smokeless magnetic beam bodied creatures. Even in the best-case scenario where negative energies aren’t involved you are still missing out on a great deal of transformation.

In short, while the repetition of the names of Allah bring you closer to Allah and adorn you with His infinite qualities and attributes, repetition of other words and names cause an increase in the sensitivity of the brain’s receptor sites allowing contact with the jinn. This in turn means you become a victim to their trickery and subject to their ruling over you.

So, if you connect with beings who are in a constant state of dhikr and who thus constantly manifest the meanings referenced by these names, then these energies are naturally going to reflect on you and manifest in your world too. These beings are the conscious stars.

All creatures in the universe are manifestations of the innumerous qualities and attributes of the Creator. In other words, all of the constellations, the stars, the galaxies, are densified materialized forms of the infinite qualities of the Absolute Being and the infinite cosmic rays they permeate are no other than the divine meanings that comprise their very existence.

It is such primitiveness and narrow-mindedness to look at man and claim he is nothing other than an animal made of flesh and bones, that there is no spirit, no eternal life-after, and that he simply deteriorates with death and becomes recycled.

It is such archaic narrow vision to look at the sky and claim the galaxies, the constellations, the planets within our solar system are just unconscious inanimate structures that randomly come to life and die, that don’t serve a particular purpose and don’t receive or give any effects…

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