2. Al-Baqarah (151-223)

151. We revealed a Rasul from within you (to disclose the reality), reciting (teaching) to you Our verses (signs pertaining to our reality within the core of all existence) and purifying you and teaching you the Book (of the reality and sunnatullah) and wisdom (the system and mechanics of creation) and that which you do not know.

152. So remember (dhikr) Me (contemplate); so that I will remember you. And be grateful to Me (evaluate Me) and do not deny Me (do not deny that I comprise your essence and the essence of the entire existence).

153. O you, who have believed, seek help through patience (endurance) that generates from your essence and through salat (the observation resulting from you turning towards your innermost essential reality; the Names). Indeed, Allah is with the patient (with His Name Sabur).

154. And do not say “They are dead” about those who are killed in the way of Allah (because they were believers and they strived for their faith). On the contrary, they are alive, though you lack the capacity to perceive it.

155. And We will surely test you with objects of fear, hunger, diminution of wealth and lives (of those who are dear to you) and the fruits of your labor. But give good tidings to the patient (those who refrain from reacting and wait to see how things turn out).

156. (They are those) who, when a calamity strikes them, say, “We are for Allah (we are a manifestation of Allah’s Names), and to Him we will return (we will eventually experience this reality).”

157. They are the ones upon whom are blessings (salawat) from their Rabb (the facilitation towards the realization of their innermost essential reality) and grace (the observation of the beautiful manifestations of the Names). And it is they who have found the truth.

158. Indeed, as-Safa and al-Marwah are among the signs of Allah. So whoever visits the House (Kaaba) with the intention of performing Hajj or Umrah – there is nothing wrong with performing tawaf between them (as-Safa and al-Marwah). And whoever volunteers to do more in the name of good – indeed, Allah is the Shakur (abundantly appreciative) and the Aleem.

159. After what we have clearly informed with the Book, whoever conceals the signs and the means to reach the reality, they will be cursed by Allah (fall far from the Reality of Allah) and cursed by all those who are capable of cursing (i.e. they will experience the consequences of falling separate from Allah, both internally and externally).

160. Except those among them who repent (admit and comprehend their mistake and rigorously abstain from it) and those who correct themselves (abandon their wrongful environment) and those who speak the truth. I am the Tawwab and the Rahim (I accept repentance and enable the experience of favorable outcomes as a result of it).

161. As for those who cover the truth (deny that the corporeal worlds and their very selves are the manifestations of the Names of Allah) and who die upon this understanding... Certainly upon them is the curse of Allah (the consequences of falling far from the Reality of Allah), the curse of the angels (the consequences of falling far from the forces of the Names comprising their essence) and the curse of the whole of humanity (the consequences of being veiled from the reality manifesting through others).

162. They will forever live the consequences of these curses. Their suffering will never be lessened, nor will they be given respite (to amend their wrongdoing).

163. That which you have come to accept as your God is One (the One and only! The incalculable ‘ONE’ness far beyond any concept of multiplicity). There is no deity-god, only HU, the Rahman, the Rahim (HU has created everything from His grace and the qualities of His Names).

164. Undoubtedly, in the creation of the heavens and the earth (the states of consciousness and the body), the succession of night and day (the contrast of observing the inexistence of the worlds and how it takes on forms to appear existent), the ships that sail in the sea for the benefit of mankind (the individualized consciousness swimming in the divine ocean of knowledge); how Allah sent down water from the heavens to bring the earth back to life after its death (revealing knowledge from the states of consciousness to manifest ‘life’ from the body, which is unconscious of its reality) and how He disperses therein all animate beings (how all strength and power within all the organs in the body are formed with Allah); and in the directing of the winds (the recognition of the Names in one’s consciousness) and the clouds that are at disposal between the heaven and the earth (the initiation of bodily forces within one’s consciousness), there signs for those who think (for those who use their intellect)!

165. There are some who deify and worship things other than Allah, loving them with the love of Allah (as though they are loving Allah)! The believers, on the other hand, are conscious that their beloved is only Allah (they don’t attribute existence to anything else). When those who (by denying the reality) do wrong (to themselves) see the suffering they accrue as a result of this, they will realize that the only force active in the universe is the force of Allah, but alas, it will be too late... if only they could have realized this sooner... Allah is shadid al-adhab (the One who severely enforces the consequences to those who are persistent in their wrongdoing).

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