Creator vs Creation

Creation (halq) refers to the compositional state of existence. The Word ‘halq’ comes from the name “al-Haliq” – the Creator – i.e. creation comes from the Creator as compositions are ‘created’. 

To create is to bring into existence that which does not exist. Creation in itself doesn’t exist. Hence, He makes that which is non-existent existent! But with what does He bring it into existence? With His own meanings. Different proportions of divine meanings come together to form particular compositions and hence ‘creation’ comes about. So, in other words that which essentially referenced with the name ‘creation’ is no other than the Creator Itself. Albeit when we use the word Creator we refer to the Names and the One to whom the entirety of these Names belong.

When the meanings of these Names come together within a particular locality we call it ‘creation’. Therefore, the compositional layer of existence is called creation even though it is essentially nothing other than the meanings of the Creator. We use the word ‘Creator’ exclusively to refer to the owner of these Names, and the word ‘creation’ to refer to the compositions. 

When we say ‘creature’ and ‘creation’ it is in respect to an observation made from the point of the created. If and when the essence of that particular thing is observed, not its compositional structure but the essence of that name and its meaning, then you can call it the Creator. 

This is like looking at an aquarium, seeing the fish swimming in the water, and saying, “The fish are living in the aquarium” even though they are essentially living in the water inside the aquarium. We know they are living in water, for without it they cannot survive, but to cut it short we simply say the fish are living in the aquarium.

If you can look at that water inside the aquarium and see that it isn’t different to the water in the ocean or the lake and that in point of fact it is the same water, then you can look at any composition and see the owner of the meanings it comprises and call it the ‘Creator’! 

But when you look at a composition and see that it is composed of different degrees and ratios of the Names, whereby some are less or more than others, then you must call this ‘creation’ and relate the lack thereof to the creation and not the Creator.

What we call a ‘lack’ is unavoidable and actually a mandatory part of creation. For without lack, wholeness and perfection cannot be observed and appreciated. Every lack is a means to manifesting perfection. The Divine Names must be observed in this way, that is as compositions with seeming inadequacies so that their ultimate states of perfection may also be seen and observed!

Limited observation done through a locality, i.e. something that is bound to space and time, is called creation. Unlimited observation pertains to the Creator. It is impossible to see the creator explicitly with external eyes. For physical external eyes are by definition limited tools of perception. Hence you can’t call anything you observe with your physical eyes the creator. You must call it creation. As everything that is limited or observed through limited tools is a composition and hence it is referred to as creation.

Allah may only be observed implicitly, through internal eyes. But what does this mean?

Both the names Zahir (the external) and Batin (the internal) belong to Allah! But you can’t say I see Allah externally! Because the external world is the realm of limitation. 

According to who and what? According to your tools of perception, your sight. And your sight is linked to your eyes and hence to your brain.

Therefore, even though these localities are the Creator in respect to the name Zahir they are still confined to a certain composition and hence limited. A limited being cannot see the Unlimited Being! A limited being can only see limited beings! 

Since limited beings can only observe other limited beings, nobody has the discretion to claim, “I see Allah”! One can only claim, “I observe the world comprised of the names and meanings of Allah”!

With what can you observe Allah? How can you see Allah?

What does it even mean to see Allah?

Seeing Allah does not entail the act of seeing as you and I are conditioned to conceive. It has nothing to do with the sense of sight!

As I had explained previously, the name Allah encompasses the Absolute Essence (dhat), the Divine Attributes, the Names, and the Acts, i.e. the entirety of existence -perceivable and imperceivable.

This grand infinite existence! So, when you say “I see Allah” if we eliminate the “eyes” at the level of acts, then seeing is merely a perception, a comprehension. So then?

Can perception perceive Allah?

"Vision (sense perception) perceives Him not but He perceives (evaluates) all that is visible. HU is al-Latifal-Habir."[1]

Perception, my friends, can never perceive the Absolute Essence of Allah, for perception is an expression of a meaning at the level of acts, that is originally formed at the level of Names.

Perception is related to cognizance and cognitive ability.

Cognitive power is determined at the level of Names. The meaning of the attribute of knowledge at the level of Names is expressed at the level of acts to form cognizance and perception. Knowledge is existence at the level of Attributes. 

So whichever angle you look at it, it is absolutely impossible for you to see the meaning of the name Allah!

However, claiming to see anything other than Allah is also unacceptable and unforgiving, it is an outright lie and slander!

[1] Quran 6:103

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