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A Universe of Rays & The Signs of The Zodiac

The constellations known as the star signs were discovered and classified by the ancient Babylonians. The birth of this ancient knowledge (astrology) is also known to be the miracle of Nabi Idris (Enoch) who is known to have lived in the same era.

Later this knowledge was passed on to the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and the Islamic world. 

The twelve signs i.e. “the zodiac” that correlate to the twelve constellations are as follows:













The people of those ancient times believed the stars within these clusters called “signs” create the events that transpire on earth and the planets in our solar system play a significant role in human fate. 

As they found certain evidences to back their beliefs up the age of “star worship’ (astrolatry) began.

People in the past believed that each of these star signs were celestial deities who ruled over humans, and this belief eventually led to the single deity-god belief.

In contrast Nabis and Rasuls came to help people understand that there is only one infinite supreme force (ALLAH) that reigns over the whole of existence and It is not an entity-god in space.

So, do the signs affect humans and their behaviors and if so, how and to what extent?

Could there really be a link between the zodiac signs and the fate of humans?

If the signs do affect humans is there any harm in a Muslim believing in astrology?

What kind of impact do the star signs have on humans?

What do the Quran and the Rasul of Allah (saw) say regarding the star signs?

Do religious scholars offer any views regarding astrology?

Let us now address these one by one…

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