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How Much of The Truth Are We Able to Comprehend?

I tried to explain to the best of ability that far from being groundless, fancy stories, religious teachings are directly related to the mandatory laws and regulations that govern existence, which Allah has manifested from absolute nothingness.

I don’t mean to say my explanations are all there is to it, I’m just saying these are also part of the underlying realities of these laws. There are so many different truths pertaining to a single law each would be a book on its own, and that’s only with my knowledge!

So why is it important to explore the science behind all of this?

Because religion has been passed on to the new generation as though it’s a set of hygiene and courtesy rules that came to a bunch of nomads in the middle of the desert, thereby doing a complete injustice to the universal realities.

Also, I want to stress the point that every law of Islam is based on physics, chemistry, and electromagnetic and cosmic truths. Whomsoever discerns and applies these will see its benefits in the afterlife and whomsoever chooses not to heed these realities and to not use their brain will also face its irremediable consequences. 

As a matter of fact, I wrote this book for the new generation and the western society, who opt to do their research rather than simply imitating and who seek the truth at all costs.

There are yet so many topics that I have not yet discussed in this book, all of which are Islamic and Sufi symbols that are totally based on scientific truths. My hope is that they are researched into, properly understood and duly applied so that they may elevate the reader to a higher level of consciousness and a better quality of life.

For those who are conditioned to accepting the symbolic, metaphoric language as literal, explicit denotations, may find it very difficult to accept and believe my construal. That’s fine. Don’t believe what you don’t understand. As long as you are fulfilling the primary practices and that feels sufficient for you, then that is okay too. Surely you will see the benefits of your practices no matter its size and amount.

The knowledge bestowed to me by Allah is based solely on the Quran and the six volumes of authentic hadith collections, upon which essentially all of the religious laws are based. 

If in any case there is a verse from the Quran or a hadith that invalidates my observations, then surely, I will abandon my view and accept this knowledge even if I do not yet understand it, for there are innumerous truths beneath every sign.

And if, against all my goodwill and sincere efforts of comprehensive research I have been mistaken in any way, may Allah notify me (and you) of the truth in this life.


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