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The Principles of Islam

The Principles of Islam

What is Islam?

Why Islam?

“Islam” means to reach and find salvation and a state of emancipation from the conditions of nature and bodily life and to experience ‘certainty’ (yakeen). That is, it the manifestation of the name as-Salam in one’s life. When this happens, the person experiences a heavenly state. 

Religion is the entirety of the constitution of Allah; it is the REGULATORY SYSTEM OF ALLAH!

Let us not misunderstand confuse the notions of divine constitution, divine order and system with the law and order of human social-political systems and political regimes!

THE SYSTEM OF ALLAH does not refer to a sharia-based set of laws either!

So then, what are the practices one needs to adopt as the natural result of recognizing and accepting the reality of Islam?


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