Hell is Grace!

The Rahman is the possessor of grace, who forms all things from Himself with Himself.

The forms of grace can be divided into two: absolute grace and attribute-based grace. 

It can further be categorized as general grace and specific grace.

Absolute grace refers to the fact that the existence of all beings depends on the Absolute Essence of Allah, thus it is said the grace of Allah encompasses all things.

Attribute-based grace refers to the notion that all meanings that become manifest on all beings depend on the Names of Allah in their original state (before their compositional states).

General grace is the most comprehensive grace, it is with this grace that all sufferings in the afterlife will eventually end one day, even if they’ve been confined to hell eternally. The grace of the Rahman covers even those in hell!

Even though the Quran says some will remain in hell forever, it does not say they will forever be subject to suffering. This is the result of general grace.

A common question is, “If Allah has so much grace, why does He cast people to hell in the first place?”

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