Why Hell?

Hell is one of the most misunderstood concepts in religion.

Why has hell been created?

Are there residents in hell?

What are the creatures of hell?

Why do people go to hell?

Why do people burn in hell?

Are there different types of burning?

What is hellfire like?

How can one continue to live in fire?

Unfortunately, illogical and absurd answers to such questions have forever pushed people away from understanding…

The word hell has a general meaning and a specific meaning.

In general, it means the state and environment in which people are subject to suffering.

In this sense we can talk about hell on earth, hell in the grave and hell at the place of gathering (mahshar)… The prison, hospital or other environments to which you are confined, for example, may be like hell for you; these are all relative forms of hell. Even the hell that is experienced in the realm of the grave is a relative form of hell.

There is also an absolute hell, which according to my observations, is the Sun. Not in the format that we perceive it right now, but as its radial twin that also currently exists. Those who die and pass on to Earth’s radial twin can see this.

Eventually the Sun is going to grow and engulf Mercury, Venus, the Earth and the Moon, and reaching the orbit of Mars. It’s going to be 400 million times bigger than the Earth!

That’s when all the spirits that are subject to Earth’s magnetic field, that is, humans with holographic bodies, are going to want to escape from Earth, as Earth loses its magnetic pull.

Those who’ve practiced the recommended practices, such as prayer and dhikr –all of which have been advised to strengthen one’s spiritual energy rather than as an offering to a god – will be able to escape the Earth and the Sun’s flames of radiation… This has been symbolized as the bridge of ‘sirat’!

The flames of hell have been called ‘samum’ in the Quran, which means toxic destructive radiation.

The Sun’s radiation, which destroys matter and burns and deforms the radial bodies of people, comprises the gigantic flames of hell, which even today reach 800,000 km in height! Imagine their size when the Sun is 400 times bigger!

There are two types of suffering in hell.

The first is physical; the second is spiritual and thought-based.

Physical burning is when the photons of the highly heated radiation of hell deforms and destroys the radial makeup… The second is the burning that will occur when the false information and conditioning in one’s mind is invalidated and destroyed.

This is primarily due to one’s ego, the sense of self, possessiveness, ambition, thinking you are the body and thus living in pursuit of bodily pleasures.

Think about the sense of burning you feel when you lose something you own. Whereas if you can just say “Allah gave it, Allah took it” your suffering is going to end immediately, perhaps you’re not going to suffer at all.

Essentially what constitutes the sense of suffering (or burning) in hell is the environmental conditionings, the value judgments resulting from them and the emotions that spawn from them.

Whenever you find yourself saying, “This must be like this" or "it has to be like that” behold, you’re going to suffer, it’s inevitable!

For, like it or not, at some point it’s going to change or turn into something else, and this is going to cause you to suffer!

The great majority of the people start suffering while still living on Earth. Some start suffering upon death, after departing their biological bodies, as this is the biggest loss of what they thought they owned!

So, why is suffering a grace?

Why do people of paradise burn in hell first?

Because one can only go to paradise if one is completely free from their conditionings and incorrect value judgments, and this only happens via burning.

Grace causes one to burn, to suffer and become cleansed! Burning rids one of unrealistic thoughts, emotions and conditionings!

People suffer when they encounter ideas or situations that go against their conditioned beliefs. If the person can get over their fear of ‘what others might think or say’ and proceed towards their true purpose, in alignment with their beliefs they will be saved from most of their suffering…

Adopting and practicing the truths of Sufism enables one to recognize their essential reality and saves them from burning while still on Earth. If there was no hell and we weren’t subject to the cleansing process through burning, we could never reach and experience the state of paradise.

Thus, burning is actually an amazing mechanism of mercy and grace, similar to amputation done to remove a diseased organ.

As for the creatures of hell…

There are conscious beings specific to each level and dimension of life. Just as there are conscious life forms on every planet, every layer of existence in the universe also has forms of life specific to them, all of which have been referenced as ‘angels’ in religious terminology.

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