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The Second Aspect of Hajj

So, the primary purpose of pilgrimage is to be cleansed from one’s sins. 

But is this all?


“The reward of Hajj Mabrour is paradise.”

Ok so all of our sins have been forgiven and all the negative energy has been neutralized. But it is all so easy to commit new sins, to make new mistakes, in fact a lot more than before!? One can even end up indefinitely in hell despite going to hajj!

Here we come to the second aspect or purpose of hajj: To activate new circuits in your brain with the new levels of comprehension enabled by this high potential energy, where your entire lifestyle will shift in alignment with the realities and principles of the afterlife. After this, worldly pursuits won’t appeal to you as they used to and you will no longer condone the necessities of the afterlife. You will live your life totally aligned with the realities of the life after death. Ambition, jealousy, gossiping, cheating, worldly desires and acquisitions that carry enormous negative energy will no longer appeal to you and you will naturally abstain from such sinful acts.

As such, you will be rewarded with paradise as a result of completing hajj mabrour.

A frequently asked question is, “why is it that after one goes to hajj and returns to their normal life, even though there is usually an increase in spiritual practices sometimes there is also a significant increase in sinful acts, in fact more so than before?”

As I explained in the previous chapter, the powerful source of positive energy beneath the Kaaba significantly increases one’s overall level of energy and performance. Even though one becomes completely cleansed of their sins during performing hajj the brain receives power at the ratio of one to one hundred thousand, which naturally increases the brains general capacity to a much higher performance level.

This is the pivotal point. If the person’s brain has been strongly conditioned toward worldly pursuits and bodily pleasures the effects he receives will reinforce and intensify these even more, hence leading the person to be more daring and insolent than before. 

The contrapositive of this is hajj mabrour.


So, anyone and everyone who fulfills certain requirements at hajj is given total atonement of all past sins. But only some people also achieve hajj mabrour, the most essential goal of enabling and activating the brain with intense positive energy so that it becomes totally aligned with and able to comprehend the realities of the afterlife.

Let us not forget that Allah has tied everything to a cause. All things are subject to an order, a system; a divine law.

In fact, this system is so perfectly automated that it is understandable for some to claim, “the universe works like an automated machine, there is no administrator!”

All systems from the human body to the cosmos are connected to a central system, and it is this profound system of divine law and order that we call ‘religion’.

You reap what you sow. Do whatever you like as long as you’re ready to handle its consequence.

The word “jaza” in Arabic which is most commonly translated as punishment actually means “consequence” in the Quran, the direct or indirect result of an action, and hence good things have good consequences.

Religious rules and requirements are totally aligned with scientific truths and the essence of life, things that are necessary in terms of one’s eternal life. They are not random laws that descended from the sky! So whatever practice you neglect you will most definitely pay the consequence of this negligence.

This being the case…

Does it make sense to live a life of sinful acts, immersed in negative energy that will weigh your spirit down to the world after death, to not cleanse yourself from this burden and spend your eternal life in an agonizing dungeon of suffering?

When you have no knowledge of when you’re going to leave this body… and you have the opportunity to totally rid yourself of all the negative energy that’s burdening your spirit… and Allah has opened such an amazingly easy path… and the Rasul of Allah (saw) has made the warning, Those who have the means to go to hajj and don’t, will die as a Jew or a Christian! encouraging you to fulfill the necessities of the reality…

If one still stubbornly refuses to use this opportunity then what more can anyone say or do?

Do as you will and live its consequences!

Let us remember that we are talking about a domain of eternal life to which we will go totally alone, leaving everything we own and everyone we love behind!          

The only valid and valuable thing there is the preparation one does in this worldly life.

Nobody can cause the harm that we cause to ourselves by not living in congruence with the realities that we accept and comprehend.

The Rasul of Allah (saw) has taught us everything we need to know and all the precautions we need to take to not be in loss in the afterlife but if we don’t heed these warnings then who will pay the price?

There is no compulsion in religion my friends. The truth is shared and the person is invited to this higher level of understanding and experience, but whether or not he takes the offer is up to the individual. 

In any case, the consequence of one’s decision binds the person alone. 

However, I can say with certainty that…

No amount of good deed can bring the benefits of hajj!

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