The salat after tawaf: Living in accord with the Oneness reality which becomes disclosed to one who fulfills these practices 

Performing this salat at the Station of Abraham: The rank of amicability

Zamzam: The knowledge of the reality…

To drink Zamzam: To grow with the knowledge of the reality

Safa: To rid yourself from the attributes related to the masses

Marwa: To drink from the glass of divine names and attributes to one’s hearts’ content

Shaving: The establishment of divine presidency

To shorten the moustache: To descend from the rank of establishment which is the rank of those who attain divine closeness

To come out of ihram: To enter among the people at the level of loyalty…

Arafat: The station of Knowing Allah

To plant two flags at the Mount Arafat: These point to the attributes of Jamal and Jalal... Knowing Allah depends on these

Muzdalifah: The ascension of one’s rank

Mash’ari haram: To observe the laws and respect the prohibitions of Allah

Mina: The people of divine closeness reaching their purpose and attaining their desire

To stone three devils: The ego, one’s nature (bodily make-up and temperament) and traditions

To throw seven stones: To achieve this with the seven divine attributes 

The tawaf of ifaza: To constantly grow with the inspiration of Allah

Farewell tawaf: To trust the secret of Allah to whom deserves it


If we want to go to even deeper and more mystic levels of these meanings, we may say that:

The internal intention of hajj is to REACH ALLAH!

Wearing the ihram is symbolic of wearing a shroud, i.e. the death of the ego-identity and worldly ties on the way to uniting with Allah.

The seven tawaf in the beginning is to ascend the seven levels of the self and become one with the Kaaba, the place of Allah’s manifestation.

Arafat is the sacred arena…

One becomes purified from all personal concepts at Mount Arafat.

After this cleansing, the three devils, i.e. the ego, one’s nature (bodily make-up and temperament) and traditions are stoned and the person moves away from these with the intention to never return to them again.

The tawaf and salat done afterwards points to uniting with the Absolute One by the observation done through the seven attributes.

The salat performed after the tawaf is an act of thankfulness in the sight of the One who bestowed this and confession of one’s nothingness in His sight…

To return to where you came with the farewell tawaf is to return among the people with the consciousness to serve them…

I have come to know those who meet and converse with the persona and spirit of the Kaaba!

There are so many more secrets pertaining to Hajj it is impossible to write them here!

Just know with certainty that HAJJ is an incredibly mighty and multi-faceted practice…

To be deprived of this magnificence due to incorrect conditioning is the biggest mistake one can ever make!

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