What is Islam?

Why Islam?


The word Islam has two meanings: 

1. To reach a state of peace and salvation

2. To be in a state of submission…


To comprehend Islam the first step is to understand the meaning of the first verses of the Quran that begin with the command “Read!” (iqra). Only after this can we begin to understand the message of the Quran.

Why Islam?

“Islam” means to reach and find salvation and a state of emancipation from the conditions of nature and bodily life and to experience ‘certainty’ (yakeen). That is, it the manifestation of the name as-Salam in one’s life. When this happens, the person experiences a heavenly state. 

“Indeed, the religion (system and order) in the sight of Allah is Islam (the whole of creation is in a state of submission, whether conscious or unconscious of the qualities of the Names)!”[1] 

Religion is the entirety of the constitution of Allah; it is the REGULATORY SYSTEM OF ALLAH!     

Let us not misunderstand confuse the notions of divine constitution, divine order and system with the law and order of human social-political systems and political regimes!

THE SYSTEM OF ALLAH does not refer to a sharia-based set of laws either!

 This immaculate divine order, the Quran highlights, is in effect at every instance in every iota of existence.

“And never will you find in the sunnatullah (the mechanics of Allah’s system) any change!”[2]

This verse is in reference to this general order and system. 

That is, whether it be a plant, an animal, a human, an angel, or a jinn, the entire creation fulfills its creational purpose within this general system. 

Indeed, the religion (system and order) in the sight of Allah is Islam!

The implicit meaning of this verse is in regards to this natural mandatory submission of creation

In other words:

The entire creation is in a state of submission to Allah.

Indeed, all of creation is in a state of submission to Allah. This is the true religion.

Nothing in existence, in respect of its essential reality, can be in a state of rebellion to Allah. 

Even the rebellious act of Iblis is the outcome of his pre-determined duty and creational program. Within the levels of creation, many creatures are propelled to fulfill their duties and undergo their trials through the means of the jinn.  

If the rebellion of Iblis had not taken place Adam would not have fallen from the state of paradise subjecting humans to the constriction and difficulty of the physical body. However, the way to acquiring higher levels of divine qualities and power beyond their former state of paradise would not have opened either!

For Adam was already in possession of the qualities we seek and strive for today. Even if not all, he had access to some of these divine powers!

Whatever wish one has in heaven it is granted!

Whatever Adam wished for in heaven it was granted to him!

With only one difference…

Adam was created on Earth!

The following verse is a clear proof of this:

“And when your Rabb said to the angels “I will make upon the EARTH a vicegerent (conscious beings who will live with the awareness of the Names).”

Like us, Adam has a physical body! Hence, he was living “heaven on earth!”

Despite being on Earth he had access to the divine qualities that we are unable to attain today, which allowed him to fulfill most of his wishes…

Because the state of “illusion” which prevents the activation and manifestation of these divine forces had not yet formed in him. 

ILLUSION is the greatest evil force that works against man!

By producing a false or misleading impression of reality it literally paralyzes one’s consciousness! At the root of all fear, anxiety, depression lies illusion!

The destructive role of illusion or negative supposition is far beyond what we imagine!


If one can take his sense of illusion under control, he can literally transform his life into heaven. On the other hand, if he becomes captive to his illusion his life will be nothing short of hell!

[1] Quran 3:19

[2] Quran 48:23

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