O Rabb of the worlds! 

“Masjids” and “mosques” are seen as “temples”; and “ALLAH” the Aziz and Subhan is conceived as a ‘deity’!

The belief in a “God in the Sky” is equated to being “Muslim”. We can almost hear the footsteps of the gods… Our last hope is for Jesus (pbuh) to confirm the call of the Muhammadan Reality! Metaphors are taken as facts and the reality is sought in allegories and symbols!

Hatred, abuse, revenge, anger and brutality has engulfed the Earth… Wrath, the natural outcome of ignorance, is rapidly encompassing mankind…

The primary principles of Islam have lost their truth in the sight of humanity, confined only to its surface and literal values. It is as though knowledge has been confiscated from the world and our planet is living its final days before the emergence of the antichrist (Dajjal)!

The fact that salat is the ascension of the believer is narrated as if it were a fairytale… 

It is as if the warning “O you who have believed, believe in Allah in accord with the meaning signified by the letter B (Aminu B’illahi)” has been erased from the Quran, nobody is taking into consideration the reality that salat is ascension (Miraj)! Everybody is talking about the position their hands and feet should be in, what they should or shouldn’t wear while praying! Nobody is talking about what the brain should think and contemplate on!

Hajj has been reduced to an activity of visiting a stone cube, gathering around the Mount Arafat and making the Arabs rich! The visit to Medina is conceived as visiting the grave of a deceased ambassador!

Not to mention the baseless nonsense rules imposed on those returning from hajj! Apparently, one need not hold a scale or show a single hair, they are almost going to bury the pilgrims alive upon their return!

Fasting has lost its meaning, and turned into a weight loss or a detox program. It is only considered in respect its bodily benefits and the secrets of the manifestation of the “Light of Samadiyyah” has been totally forgotten!

The meaning of zakat has changed altogether, its wisdom has been veiled, taken as tax or a means of not paying tax to the government shown as unclaimed expenditure… People have become incapable of considering the cost of not paying the due of others as it deserves to be paid!

Since You have started to remove knowledge and gnosis from Earth, religion is marketed as a ‘body with no soul’, “a divine imposition to put society in order” … Fake masters and mahdis (!) deprived of the knowledge of interpreting and decoding metaphors have emerged in almost every city and community!

O Rabb! This is an arduous test indeed!

On one side You are opening the curtain to reveal the Reality, on the other side you are allowing people to follow the ignorant and concealing Your Reality! While dealing with the man opening and closing the curtain, people are not seeing the reality behind the curtain!

O Rabb!

Protect us from wasting our lives’ engaged in each other’s futile activity, veiled from the reality. Bless us with the ability to engage in the activity of those whom you love!

Protect and cleanse us from the tendency to be of the ungrateful ones after being blessed with your grace!

Allow us to recognize the reality of who gratefulness and denial pertain to, and why!


Enable us to live in a pleased state, in awareness of your governance and die upon this faith!

O Rabb… 

I would not have known, had You not taught me! I could not have comprehended, had You not made me aware. I could not have understood and accepted if You hadn’t eased it for me!

I couldn’t have shared this knowledge through books if You had not willed for me to!

Whatever I did, it is the outcome of my servitude, with your governance and authority!

I am nothing, you are al-Baqi, the ever living!

Though I say “I have disclosed and explained as much as You allowed me to” the gnostics know that it is You alone who is disclosing the reality! And just as you are disclosing it now, you will veil it again as you did before, once the deserving receives their dues…

You made me realize and experience my servitude to You, even if I were able to thank you to the scope of Your knowledge it would still be insufficient to express my gratitude… I seek refuge in you from being of the ungrateful…

Allow me to taste death with the comprehension and peace of knowing that the success of my servitude is based on your authority and governance. Include me among your righteous servants!

And give guidance and purification to those living on Earth…

Allahu akbar! Bismillah!






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