Illusion makes one believe in the existence of what does not exist and become blind to what actually does exist!

 If an intellect free from illusion thinks of and decides on something and takes the necessary actions for its fulfillment, he can literally make what seems impossible possible!

He can live his life totally free from the constraints of his physical body… as though he is in heaven!

Because Adam (pbuh) who was created on Earth lived a life without the sense of illusion his plane of existence was described as heaven on earth…

The system in which we are living is the open manifestation of divine order.

Every unit of existence within the universe - note that I’m using the word “unit” which includes humans, angels, jinn, animals and plants – are in a state of servitude to Allah. The Quran clearly states this about humans and jinn anyway. 

I have created the jinn and men only so that they may serve Me (by means of manifesting the qualities of My Names).[1]

It is not possible for something that Allah created to not fulfill its creational purpose. 

Note that there is no limiting expression in this verse. It does not say I have created the “believers” or only the “humans” to serve me, it also says the “jinn”! The “jinn” includes the devils and Iblis!

The angels are already in a state of absolute servitude! All angels are naturally fulfilling the requisites of Allah’s ruling in a state of absolute submission.

Whether or not the humans and the jinn are fulfilling their servitude is the question! 

Though questioning this is also absurd! For there is a verse stating that all humans and jinn without exception are created to serve Allah!

For whatever purpose Allah creates a ‘thing’ - whatever it may be - it will most definitely and without question fulfill its purpose. There is no doubt about this!

This is why all things are created with the will of Allah and they are outputting the actions in accordance with Allah’s will.

This is religion and Islam.


This is why the verse says:

“Indeed, the religion (system and order) in the sight of Allah is Islam (the whole of creation is in a state of submission, whether conscious or unconscious of the qualities of the Names)!”[2] 

And underlines:

“And whoever seeks a religion (system and order) other than Islam (the consciousness of being in a state of submission) his search will be ineffective!” [3]

“Is he whose heart (essence) Allah has expanded towards comprehending Islam, not upon a Nur(knowledge) disclosed by his Rabb (his essential reality)?”[4]

Indeed, understanding the truth of Islam is an immense assignment of paramount importance. The ability to comprehend the truth via the knowledge of light (nur) that manifests from one’s Rabb enables one to discern the universal system.

When you examine a verse the first thing you need to look at is whether or not there is a limitation or an exception to the verse. For example:

“It is HU who has made you vicegerents upon the earth…”[5]

Here the verse is in reference to the vicegerency of the humans on earth. It is limited and exclusive!

But the verse Indeed, the religion (system and order) in the sight of Allah is Islam” does not address an exclusive group or place, it does not say “on earth” or in such and such galaxy… it is absolute!

It is applicable to earth, the solar system, as well as all other systems galaxies, in every space, point, iota of the universe; all beings are in submission to Allah. This is an absolute reality!

But there is an important point here: 

When it says “All beings are in a state of submission to Allah” it does not say they are in a state of submission out of their own free will!  

Their state of submission is the natural outcome of their creational programming (fitrah) - this is how they are created - it is their default state!

Because any unit of existence is created with the will of Allah upon a specific natural disposition it is automatically in a state of submission to Allah.

This is why the Rasul of Allah (saw) says:

“Every child is born upon the disposition of Islam”

Whereas those who interpret this superficially say “All children are born with the capacity and potential to accept Islam and be a Muslim”

No! This is not just talking about Muslims or being a Muslim. Let us not be narrowminded!

Every child, in fact every unit of existence, is born upon the disposition of Islam, means it is created with an innate programming aligned with the meaning of Islam.

Another verse:

“Say, “Everyone acts according to his own creation program (natural disposition; fitrah)” 

The word “Shaqilah” in this verse (creational program) means the program created by one’s natural disposition…

This is the explanation of Islam.

That is, all units of existence have been created upon the reality of “Indeed in the sight of Allah the religion is Islam.”

This is why Islam is not an exclusive religion for only a particular tribe, community or nation; it is the divine order and system that runs the universe!

If we have been able to understand this then let us not reduce Islam to narrow confinements of a particular look or form.

Allah created in His knowledge, with His knowledge, units of existence in the universe to manifest meanings of His will. For this purpose, He adorned and equipped these units of existence with the qualities and attributes of His liking and choice, in a state of absolute SUBMISSION to Himself. These units then output actions aligned with this innate programming in order to fulfill their creational purpose. 



So then, what are the practices one needs to adopt as the natural result of recognizing and accepting the reality of Islam?

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