22. Al-Hajj

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. O people! Protect yourselves from your Rabb (from what He will enforce upon you as the consequences of your deeds)! The earthquake of that Hour is tremendous indeed.

2. When that time comes, every suckling (nourisher) will forget the child she has suckled and every pregnant woman shall drop her burden! The people will appear to be drunk, yet they will not be drunk. Intense is the wrath of Allah.

3. And among the people are some who argue about (the One referred to as) Allah without any knowledge, and they follow every rebellious Satan (those with corrupted thoughts).

4. About him (Satan – the idea of being only the body) it has been written, “Whoever follows him, indeed he will lead him astray and guide him to the fire.”

5. O people... If you are in doubt of being resurrected (to continue your life with a new form after death, then consider that) We first created you from dust, then from a drop of sperm, and then a genetic structure, an embryo, and then a lump of flesh, half formed half not – this We let you know openly and clearly! And We hold in the womb whom We will for a specified time, and then We bring you out as a child, and then (provide you with whatever is necessary) for you to reach maturity... Some of you are taken (early) in death and some are left until he reaches the most decrepit age, forgetful of what he once knew... You will see the earth dead, but when We send water upon it, it will quiver and swell and grow plants of every beautiful pair (He who enlivens the dead earth will also enliven you after your death)!

6. This is how it is. For Allah is the Truth (the clearly observable One)! Indeed He will enliven the dead (with the knowledge of the reality)... For He is Qadir over all things.

7. That Hour (death) will definitely come – there is no doubt about it. And Allah will definitely resurrect the beings (individual forms of consciousness) in their graves (bodies) (to continue their lives through new bodies)!

8. And among the people are some who argue about (the One referenced as) Allah without any knowledge about Him and without any true guidance, and without revelation (knowledge that projects from the reality of the Names to one’s consciousness).

9. He turns his back to the reality to mislead the people from the way of Allah! There is disgrace for him in the world! And We will make him taste the suffering of the dreadful fire during Doomsday!

10. This is the result of what your hands have put forth. Indeed, Allah is never unjust to His servants (Allah is not the cause of your dual perception; it is the ego or your constructed identity that attributes a separate existence to itself, hence causing duality [shirq], which leads to suffering).

11. And there are some among the people who accept his servitude to Allah in one aspect (in respect of what suits him). When he is touched by good he is made joyful by it... But if he is touched by an affliction he turns his back (and denies his servitude)... Such are the ones whose lives in this world and the next are lost. This is a clear loss indeed!

12. He turns to things besides Allah, which neither benefit him nor harm him... This is a real deviation (from the Truth)!

13. He turns to things that have more harm than benefit... How wretched the protector and how wretched the friend (he deifies)!

14. Indeed, Allah will admit those who believe and fulfill the requirements of their faith to Paradises underneath which rivers flow... Indeed, Allah does as He wills (He forms what He wills to manifest from His knowledge with Power; Knowledge – Will – Power).

15. Whoever thinks Allah (the forces of the Names within his essence) will not aid him in this world and the life to come, should turn (in contemplation) to the sky (to his consciousness) and cut off (his bodily tie from his consciousness) and see if the trap he has fallen into (by assuming he exists only of the body) can remove that which enrages him (the truth that he is the servant of his Rabb).

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