Hajj (Pilgrimage)

There are two purposes of pilgrimage; one of them is compulsory:


1. To be totally purified of all the negative energy (sins) that is uploaded to your spirit throughout your entire life until the moment you go to Mount Arafat.


2. To reach the state of “Maarif’i Billah” and observe the worlds and the immaculate order of the One denoted by the name Allah, with and through His knowledge…


Let me say this at the onset regarding hajj:

One who goes to Mount Arafat during the hajj ritual and stays there for a period of time repenting for his sins will be completely and totally cleansed of all his sins including the injustices he may have done to others!


Hajj is an extremely valuable and beneficial practice within the pillars of Islam.

All of the negative energy referred to as ‘sin’ that accumulates in one’s brain via the sinful acts he engages in are uploaded to his wave-body, i.e. spirit!


The heaviness of all that negative energy will pull him deeper and deeper into the plane called hell!


Hajj is the only way through which one can completely cleanse himself from this immense load of negative energy!

All of the negative energy that is uploaded to one’s spirit until that day is completely erased; he becomes completely sinless like the day he was born!


The Rasul of Allah (saw) says:

“The greatest sinner is one who returns from Mount Arafat and asks with doubt, ‘I wonder if my sins have been forgiven?’”

So, what is the big secret behind Arafat?

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