Again, according to my observation, this is also the reason why the total number of those who believed in the Rasul of Allah (saw) from the start of his Nubuwwah in Mecca until the point he migrated to Medina, a total of thirteen years, were no more than 40 - 50 people!

The high frequency waves emitted at Mecca had formed a resistance in its inhabitants which made them refuse his teachings.

 Medina on the other hand, emits waves of much lower frequency, “Light of Jamal”, hence its inhabitants are softer and more accepting and loving in nature. This is why after only ten years in Medina the number of believers had reached over a hundred thousand!

Going to Medina after Mecca is like a transition phase, allowing the visitors and pilgrims to re-align and re-adjust their energy before going back home.

If one goes home directly from Mecca it usually takes them approximately a month to adjust back to their environment, as it takes time for the high levels of radiation received by their brain at Mecca to lessen their effect.  

 Again, it is due to this potent energy beneath the Kaaba that allows some individuals to have supernatural experiences during their tawaf around the Kaaba. 

 So, if the Kaaba is such an amazing energy station, a source of Nur, why is Hajj at Arafat? What’s the deal with Arafat?

We mentioned how the extension of the positive energy streams beneath the Kaaba reach the Arafat forming another important station. Now when all hundreds of thousands of people gather at Mount Arafat with the same intention, all receiving the same profound positive stream of energy directly from beneath the mountain, they naturally all start to broadcast the same meaning. The process of waiting on Mount Arafat for a period of time called wakfah is basically a collective way of tuning into the same frequency of energy with the same intention: “Forgive us Allah!”

Hundreds of thousands of brains collectively emitting the same frequency of energy carrying the same intention in the same location inevitably forms a huge magnetic cloud on and around the area of Mount Arafat!

What happens if you forget a VHS video tape on top of the VCR while it’s running? The magnetic field of the CVR will erase the data on the tape. You can call it the work of invisible hands if you like! 

My point is, when you make the supplication, “O Allah, forgive me for my mistakes” you not only start to produce and emit this wave but also open your brain to receiving waves of the same meaning. Through this opening that strong magnetic field will immediately affect the brain literally erasing from the spirit all the negative data uploaded by the brain thus far!

Hence you will return from Mount Arafat like a new born, free of all sins and negative records in your database.

The Rasul of Allah (saw) says:

“The greatest sinner is one who returns from Mount Arafat and asks with doubt, ‘I wonder if my sins have been forgiven?’”

This is how definite and certain this phenomenon is!

Allah will allow whom He wishes to cleanse to go to pilgrimage, easing and enabling the way for true purification!

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