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Muhammad (saw) - 1

Muhammad (saw) - 1Muhammad Mustafa (saw) is the SERVANT and the RASUL of ALLAH!

His greatest rank is hidden in the meaning of these two words!


Our master, has reached the consciousness of his servitude to the Absolute Essence and fulfilled his duty as a RASUL!

With the consciousness of eternally being a servant to this Absolute Essence he executed his duty as a RASUL to spread this consciousness to others!

Indeed, we can only say the SERVANT and RASUL of HU and not transgress our place…

I seek refuge in Allah from perceiving his Rasul with shallow humanistic values like:

He was a great politician… He was an honorable statesman… He was a distinguished leader… A remarkable commander… An impressible sociologist… etc…

He is the SERVANT and the RASUL of the Essence of ALLAH! 

This I say to those who can see and understand…

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