50. Qaf

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Qaf (The Arabic letter Qaf symbolizes the ego, the first of the three reflections of the absolute essence of man [ego, oneness, identity] In Sufism, Mount Qaf is considered to be the symbol of the ego. Mountains often symbolize the ego), the Magnificent Quran (the disclosure of magnificent Knowledge)!

2. Surprised that the warner who came to them was someone from among themselves, the deniers of the knowledge of the reality said, “This is a strange thing, indeed...”

3. “Will we (be resurrected) once we have died and become dust? That is a distant return (a far-fetched claim).”

4. We know exactly what the earth detracts from them (what is lost with old age)... With us is the Book of Records (the universal memory recorded within the essence of existence).

5. No, they denied their essential reality when it came to them! They are in a confused state.

6. (Assuming to be the body) did they not look at the sky above them (consciousness) to see how We formed it and adorned it (with senses)! There is no flaw in it!

7. We developed the earth (the body) and formed upon it firmly set mountains (organs)! And produced therein from every beautiful pair (double helix DNA) the vegetal properties of the body.

8. To activate insight, to remind and give admonition to every servant (who turns to his essence).

9. We sent down water (knowledge) from the sky with which We made to grow gardens (the experience of the beauteous inherent forces) and grains that are harvested (various abilities).

10. And lofty palm trees with clusters of fruit...

11. As sustenance of life for the servants... We gave life with it to a dead land... Thus is the resurrection (coming forth from one’s cocoon world).

12. And before them, the people of Noah, the people of the well and Thamud also denied (the eternal life to come after death).

13. And Aad, and Pharaoh, and the brothers of Lot.

14. And the people of the wood and the people of Tubba... All of them denied and thus My punishment, of which they were notified, was fulfilled.

15. Were We inadequate in the first creation? No, they are in doubt of the new creation.

16. Indeed, it is We who created man... We know what his soul whispers to him (the idea of being only the body formed by his mind)... We are closer to him (within the dimensions of the brain) than his jugular vein!”

17. Two recording forces record from his right and from his left!

18. Every thought (of man) is observed (recorded) by an observer!

19. And the intoxication of death has come, revealing the Truth! This is the very thing you tried to escape!

20. And the Horn (body) is blown (the act of blowing occurs from the inside out – the spirit has left the body)! This is the time of which you were warned!

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