What is the purpose of religion?

What is the scientific basis of religion?

Why must we believe in the hereafter?

What exactly is this phenomenon called “human”?

How was it formed? Which effects and conditions is it subject to and what is it capable of creating? 

What are the realities behind the recommended religious practices? 

Where did humans come from? Why and how did they come and where are they going?

The universe, humans, life after death…

This book aims to provide answers to these and other such questions. 

The brain is an invaluable and irreplaceable human treasure.

There are infinite qualities embedded in the brain of which we are unaware.

You will find different and perhaps even controversial perspectives in this book regarding such topics.

I aimed to focus on two main perspectives in this book:  

1.    The external (zahir) realities of religion.

2.    The internal (batin) reality religion aims to disclose to man.

Most of the contents in this book are adapted from the recordings of conversations we had in the 1984. You may want to read some parts more than once, as the topics may be hard to understand. It’s been prepared for those who contemplate!

I have nothing to say for those who follow the path of suffice themselves with imitation. My call is for the people of REALITY.

“Man’s honor is in his intellect!”

As a result of all my 23 yearlong research I’m presenting the knowledge Allah has bestowed me in this book. The external aspect of the knowledge I share here is based on the Hadith Collections, such as the Kutub-u Sitte, and the teachings of eminent Sufi saints and scholars.

The internal aspect comprises my personal observations and insights as the blessings and endowment of Allah…

Nobody is perfect. I too may make mistakes. However, I would like to emphasize on the fact that all research and study done rests on the teachings of the Rasul of Allah (saw) in light of modern science. 

If at any point you feel I’m saying something contrary or contradictory to the Quran or Hadith, please immediately disregard my words and live by the Quran and Hadith instead. For we are all liable to follow the Rasul of Allah (saw); we will all be called to account for this in the life after death.

I covered a great deal of astrology from a religious perspective, due to its close link to fate. Astrology is a crucial tool to know one’s self. In regards to its predictions of future events and fortune telling however it is invalid. For there are so many countless factors to consider that even the most advanced computers can’t compute it with accuracy. 

In Ghazali’s ‘Ihya’u Ulumud’deen’ it is narrated from Ibn Abbas (r.a.): “If I were to interpret the verse ‘It is Allah who created the seven heavens, and of the earth, the like of them. His command continually manifests among them...’[1]  indeed, you would stone me”, and in another narration, he says, “You would announce me a disbeliever!”

Another narration is from Abu Hurairah (r.a.), one of the closest of the Rasul’s followers, who says, “I received two vessels of knowledge from the Rasul of Allah (saw), I gave one of them away, as for the other one, if I were to dare to open its lid, you would behead me!

What could these secrets be that cost the lives and reputation of even the most learned amongst the followers of the Rasul?

Let us know this for sure:

Religion is not a superficial list of rights and wrongs as most think it is.

There are such SECRETS in religion that can change entire lives in an instant. This knowledge is for brains with advanced contemplation capabilities.

So, let us abandon the limitations of the five-sense world and aspire to reach the most honorable station of vicegerency for which Allah has created us.

And let us never forget that there is never a chance to return to this world. Whatever we can gain right now is what we will have to suffice with for eternity!

May Allah give us the knowledge to enable the realization of the reality and the ability to live by it.


Ahmed Hulusi 



[1] Quran 65:12

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