This is why it is said both those who go to hell and heaven will remain therein forever. 

Why wasn’t it openly claimed that the sun is hell and instead only implied with a few hadith?

It wasn’t accentuated because the people of that time were already deifying stones, objects, the moon and the sun! They were coming from a mentality that worshipped the sun and the moon.

If the Rasul (saw) said the sun is hell they would have started worshipping the sun again, praying and glorifying the sun to bestow its favors and mercy upon them and not burn them! Even today there are still people who worship the sun, who carry its symbol on their flags and pray to its “son”!

We should also consider the fact that even though rare superior brains have enabled humanity to experience technological leaps -we have travelled to the moon and sent satellites as far as Pluto- we are still living primitive lives centuries in the past! Mankind is living solely in pursuit of pleasure, to eat, drink, mate, flee from what he fears and run towards what he desires, unconsciously conditioned by the society! This has been the case for centuries, unfortunately still continuing.

The sublime being Jesus (pbuh) pointed to the reality of man and afterlife but alas, only a handful amongst the millions that have passed over the centuries have actually understood his message. May Allah help us to duly know his worth! The Christian population is said to be in the billions, yet how many of them have actually heard his message? How many of them have actually discerned his teachings?

As the Rasul of Allah (saw) informed us, he will return from the abode he is still living in, he will live amongst us for some time, and he will correct the misunderstood information among the people.

Who gives us this good news? Muhammad Mustapha (saw)!

The sublime being who has been created with an extraordinary brain capacity and was made to observe with divine grace all the future phases of mankind and the world. He experienced a dimensional leap with ‘Ascension’ (miraj) and observed the lives pertaining to heaven and hell. He spent his entire life trying to inform the people of the precautions they need to take against what is waiting for them ahead. 

All of the Nabis and Rasuls of the past have tried to give the same following message:

Do not squander your lives by deifying and worshipping false imaginary idols and gods turn to Allah who is the creator of the earth, the heavens, all of the worlds, and the entire universe. Don’t do wrong to anyone, try to be of beneficial service to humanity as much as you can. Get to know “Allah” so that you may be able to become aware of and evaluate the countless gems and jewels with which you, the vicegerent, have been embedded. 

This theme has reached its climax with Jesus (pbuh) who claimed, “If you believe in the kingdom of heaven and want to be with me, leave everything behind and come with me!”

When Jesus spoke of the kingdom of heaven he was referring to the kingdom of the life after death. The Jews, who claim to be the superior chosen ones, and who prefer the kingdom of this world instead, did not accept him. He was put through countless torture after which he miraculously left this abode.

Muhammad (saw) gave us the glad tidings regarding his return!

Muhammad (saw), the noble being who offered humanity a most perfectly comprehensive book that leaves nothing out regarding this life and the life after death. 

Muhammad (saw), who has explained all the details about the illusory nature of this world and the reality of the life after death...  

This unmatched sublime being came to this world 1400 years ago with the mission of teaching the reality and had to address a bunch of nomads living in the middle of the desert! Imagine seeing and knowing everything regarding the future with all its details and possible dangers and having to explain this to people who are so far from having the insight and foresight to discern your message.

If you explain the truth openly they can’t fathom it and hence refuse and defame you. So, you are forced to explain it using symbols and metaphors, which you do with utmost perfection, yet they still deny and refuse you! They call you a lunatic. They call you a sorcerer. They claim you have been possessed by the jinn and talk on behalf of them!

You can clearly see the scorching fire towards which humanity is approaching and you know if they don’t take precaution they are going to suffer but you get mocked and ridiculed at the attempt of warning them.

Who can put up with such a situation?

Leave the people of that time aside, how about today? How about us? Have we been able to understand and duly appreciate him today at the brink of the 21st century? Despite all scientific discovery! Despite the clear warnings the Rasul of Allah (saw) gave 1400 years ago! 

Humanity in my view stands at the door of the 21st century yet is still living in the Stone Age before the time of Muhammad (saw), unable to see the truth.

What is religion?

Why is religion necessary?

Why have certain rules and recommendations been made by the Rasul of Allah (saw)?

Is religion just about having beliefs?

Does it have scientific basis?

Why must humanity comply with religious regulations?

Let us now explore some of the scientific truths comprising the basis of the religion of Islam in attempt to answer the question “Why religion?”

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