So, we talked about the bioelectrical energy produced as a byproduct of dhikr and how this is uploaded to their spirit body. Let us now address the second aspect of the benefits of dhikr.

There is a verse in the Quran regarding the creation of man, that says:

"And when your Rabb said to the angels (angels here are personifications of the qualities of the Names comprising one’s body, hence the addressee here is you), 'I will make upon the earth (the body) a vicegerent (conscious beings who will live with the awareness of the Names).'”[1]

The word ‘vicegerent’ points to the fact that the human brain is created with the potential to manifest all of the meanings of the Names of Allah. 

Based on the name of Allah you repeat in your dhikr an increase in capacity will take place in your brain in correlation with the meaning referenced by that name. I will write more about this after I explain the technical aspect of dhikr. 

Since existence is the plane in which the meanings of Allah become manifest, and since all forms and objects are basically the densified states of these various meanings, the rays coming from the innumerous constellations are carrying these infinite meanings to us at all times.

Let me explain this with an example:

There are numerous radio waves and TV waves inside the room you’re sitting in right now, but let’s say your radio’s capacity to receive and convert these waves is limited and your TV only has a VHF band. Now imagine your next-door neighbor is able to view 100 different colored channels while you can only see one black and white channel. It’s not that those waves aren’t available to you, it’s just that your TV doesn’t have the capacity to receive and convert them. The good news is, unlike outdated radio and TV units, the capacity of a brain can be increased.

Essentially the brain is capable of processing the infinite stream of information coming from the 12 constellations and the innumerous stars. However, it’s crucial for the person to expand this capacity. You’ve been given an invaluable capital with which you can invest in a prosperous life of eternity yet here you are playing with it as if it’s some board game!?

It has been said, “The majority of the people of paradise comprise Buhul people”. This word Buhul in Arabic means both “pure-naive” and “foolish-stupid”.

The following words of Jesus (pbuh) further establishes this truth:

“Allah has created only one disease with no remedy and that is the state of being buhul” in other words foolishness!

Indeed, the majority of the people of paradise are going to be naïve, but why?

As a result of divine grace these people are going to be able to activate the circuitry in their brain to produce the anti-gravitational force needed to be able to escape Earth’s magnetic pull. However, due to not doing the necessary practices they will not have reached their highest potential to be able to evaluate the infinite blessings of that realm. Yet they will live an eternal life in paradise enjoying the countless pleasures with which they are familiar from this world. 

The state of the muqarriboon in paradise on the other hand, those who have acquired divine closeness, no normal brain can even imagine let alone fathom!

But let me try to explain with a simple example:

Imagine someone spends an entire lifetime in pursuit of something, gives up everything for it, and in the end, he finally reaches it, can you imagine his joy! Now think of a brain that has reached its highest capacity, able to receive and process rays that activate countless new meanings, able to connect and resonate with the angels of brand-new starts at all times. Constantly receiving and processing new data, growing, developing and expanding…. I don’t know if I’m able to explain…

Our brains are wired with the capacity to process, manifest and experience the infinite qualities and names of Allah. Depending on how much you repeat these names you will be able to get closer to Allah and understand and experience His meanings to that extent. Dhikr is the key for this! You can either use this key or throw it in the sea or amuse yourself with it like a toy! 

All that you see around you, all actions that transpire through the people you see are different functions and processions of the brain.

Whatever quality you see on anyone, whether saintly or otherwise, know that you have the same potential quality within you, except that yours may not be activated.

The body has been designed solely to serve the brain; its purpose is to produce the necessary bioelectrical energy needed by the brain. 

Additionally, certain organs have been installed into the body as a sample of the brain’s innumerous receptive capacity, though it is great injustice to restrict the brains capacity to this.

The macrocosm is the universe…

The microcosm is the brain!

The universe is essentially a giant mass of countless magnetic waves where each wave carries a unique meaning. The brain, by origin, is an advanced receptor that can process these meanings in the form of waves and can also create new meanings. The brain uploads all of its products to the spirit, i.e. the holographic wave body that it produces!

[1] Quran 2:30

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