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The 16 Groups of The Zodiacal Signs

There are four elemental energies of the signs:

Fire: Aries – Leo – Sagittarius

Air: Gemini – Libra – Aquarius

Water: Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces

Earth: Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn

Those who belong to the fire group are likely to be self-important, proud, and dominant. They like to be in control of their environment and always strive to be at the peak.

Those whose element is predominantly air are likely to be ‘airy’ and not very steadfast and persevering. They are open to all ideas but generally jump from one area of interest to another. They are unselfish and empathetic.

The water group is known mostly for their emotional make-up.

The earth group is known to be fixed in their ways and generally materialistic.

However, it is very important to note that everyone has two main signs:

1. Internal (sun) sign 

2. External (rising/ascendant) sign.

Our first impressions of someone are always to do with their rising sign. People’s lives are mostly driven by the qualities of their external sign. Most people have different internal and external signs, hence if you only know of someone’s sun sign you probably won’t see much of these qualities on them as the person’s observable behavior and temperament is under the influence of their rising sign.

This is generally the reason why a lot of people discredit astrology and don’t have much faith in it, as they are unaware of this distinction.

Based on the knowledge that has been bestowed to me I have become assured that around and after the ages 35-40 a person becomes more and more subject to and aligned with the effects of his/her rising sign.

Thus, it is imperative to know one’s external sign based on their hour of birth rather than their internal sun sign based on their date of birth.

Les have a look at the different categories of elements now:

Sun sign                Rising Sign

Fire                         Fire

Fire                         Air

Fire                         Water

Fire                         Earth

A person whose both internal and external sign is fire is selfish, self-centered. They want things to be in their favor. If the internal sign is fire and the external is air they will rebel against convention and act in favor of their environment. If the external is water while the internal is fire, like if the sun sign is Aries, Leo or Sagittarius but the external sign is Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, their life will be restless and problematic as the outer water will suppress the inner fire causing internal distress to the person, at times it will increase and other times settle.

If the rising sign is an earth sign then it is similar to the example above except a little less problematic. They will be very generous ‘mentally’ but in practice they will find it difficult to spend money. Most of the wealthy people have the earth rising signs Taurus or Capricorn. Or they will have strong planets in earth signs, or in their second house.

Internal                External

Air                          Fire

Air                          Air

Air                          Water

Air                          Earth

Those who have strong air element in their chart will aim to be of benefit to the greater community. They are generally objective and tolerant. But if the rising sign is fire then they can easily become very arrogant and proud.

If the inner sign is Aquarius they will be intellectual but pompous. If the sun sign is Gemini they will be intelligent and proud, if the sun sign is Libra they will be frank and blunt. A general characteristic of those with an internal air sign is that sometimes they feel they don’t really belong to this world.

An internal air with external water is an interesting combination. A free mind inside but restricted by emotional and addictive behavior on the outside. 

If the free mind has a Cancer rising he will burn himself out for his family and home. If it’s a Scorpio rising then you have someone who seemingly acts freely but not totally free of emotional ties, someone with a strong willpower albeit controlling. If he has a Gemini sun then he will be indecisive. If his ascendant is Pisces then he will become someone who eagerly indulges in pleasures.

Amongst the air signs the most intellectual sign is Aquarius, the most intelligent is Gemini and the most loving one is Libra. 

As for earth rising, if it’s a Taurus then you have someone who loves to eat and enjoy the pleasures of life, enthusiastic about earning money. A Virgo rising is ambitious, active, always looking for ways to make a steady regular income though never as lucky as the Taurus, he will acquire large amounts of money only to lose greater amounts. A Capricorn will be decisive, mature, tolerant and helpful but very attached to his monetary possessions. If the Capricorn rising doesn’t have an Aquarius sun sign the Capricorn qualities will dominate over all other signs. 

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