There are 15 billion neurons in the brain according to latest scientific research. Each cell makes contact with 16,000 other neurons. A normal person uses only 5-7% of the brain capacity formed by these 15 billion cells. Scientists and philosophers who exercise their brains more use up to 10-12%.

The bioelectric energy within these neurons connect to other cells and the activity of the brain increases to the extent of the brains bioelectric power and the group of cells that are related to it. 

The first cosmic effects received by the essence of the brain on the 120th day forms the persons “al-A’yan al-Thabitah” (the immutable archetypal realities) in religious terms. That is, their unalterable fixed archetypal program or constitution.


7th to 9th months

The brain that rapidly develops as of the 7th month begins to process the effects it receives from the constellations. The closer to the point of birth the stronger the impact these cosmic effects have on the brain. These effects determine the person’s intellectual capacity.

In the 9th month, especially the few days before birth the cosmic rays have even a stronger impact on shaping the person’s intellectual capacity.


The moment of birth

The most powerful rays received by the brain after the above process is at the point of birth. These effects determine the person’s ascendant or rising sign and when the baby leaves the mother’s protective magnetic field he becomes fully subject to these energies, which determine the person’s character, temperament, ability to form relationships and deal with situations etc.

You may wonder the role of genes at this point. Genes are only activated and hence the information they carry only have relevance if and when they find suitable outlets to express themselves in the person’s brain. If they haven’t received the specific coding from the constellations to make space for these expressions they remain preserved in an inactive mode until transferred to their offspring. And thus, it goes until they find the right conditions for expression.

I don’t want to bore my readers with too much detail so I will try to keep things short and simple as I try my best to explain the divine order and its mechanics.

After this point, just like a plaster that has dried in its mold, the brain will no longer change its form. Its primary capacity and function, i.e. the persons capability and style of thought, emotion, imagination, illusion, assumption etc. are determined at this point and will remain as such until the person dies. 

Hence, we often hear things about how people’s temperaments or make-up won’t ever change as it their ingrained dispositions, or that astrologically, one’s natal chart reveals one’s unalterable fixed constitution.

Is this really so?

Is astrology really this valid and determinative?

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