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On ‘Rabb’ and the Requirements of Rububiyyah…

My Rabb is the One who trains and guides me toward a certain level of maturity and perfection. Whatever comes forth from my Rabb is perfect! The absolute perfection that reflects from my Rabb is the perfection of my Rabb.

The perfection of my Rabb is different to the perfection of your Rabb. Sometimes they even seem to contradict one another. But both my Rabb’s perfection and your Rabb’s perfection are eventually the perfection of Allah.

“My Rabb” refers to any of the compositions of the meanings of the divine names that comprise my being.

When one says “I” he is referring to his unique composition of divine names and their meanings. Since these pertain and belong to Allah your existence belongs to Allah. 

These meanings may come together as one composition in one person and another composition in another person. 

Hence person A is from Allah and the Rabb of person B is also Allah! Both can say with certainty that their Rabb is upon an absolute state of perfection. Though their actions may be in contradiction with one another. This contradiction or seeming opposition is only due to the differences in their compositional make-up.

So then will everyone go to hell if they are all manifesting the will of their Rabb? Why would fulfilling the commands of ones Rabb lead him to hell? Will every being go to hell, and why? Most importantly, why will man go to hell in the first place?

Not every being will go to hell for fulfilling the commands of their Rabb, only ‘man’ will go to hell. Not every being will go to hell because they have no other choice but to execute the program of their Rabb. They do not have the capacity to know Allah

Their compositional make-up does not carry the potential to know Allah. Due to this, they will fulfill the requirements of their Rabb and hence manifest their perfection. Done and dusted. 

But man will go to hell! 

What will cause him to go to hell, either permanently or temporarily?

Like all beings, man has also been created to fulfill the requirements of his Rabb, but with one difference. Man’s compositional make-up allows him to get to know Allah, beyond the scope of his personal Rabb!

“Everyone will see the truth when he dies” means, “everyone will observe the divine within”!

And after one sees the divine within himself, the fact that he lived a life deprived of this knowledge, the fact that he was not able to move beyond the limits of his Rabb and reach that divine within, will form his spiritual hell.

Hell is a prison! It is a state of constant suffering… Spiritual hell, is being stuck within the limits of one’s compositional make-up and not being able to activate the quality that allows one to know the essential reality of his composition. This quality is what causes him to suffer. When one can’t overcome the character, temperament and conditioning etc. formed by his composition through ‘moralizing’ himself with the morals of Allah, this leads to hell.

If one can overcome and escape the boundaries of his composition spiritual hell will cease to exist. He will be of those who go to heaven while still on earth. One must first overcome the limits of his composition! His composition is his Rabb! As long as one exists with the ‘personality’ formed by his composition he is bound to the commands of his Rabb. Statements such as “This is my character”, “This is who I am” etc. is another way of saying, “This is what my Rabb demands of me.”

Sufism explains this as the following…

The reality of the self (ego) is RububiyyahThe ego-self is made of the substance of Rububiyyah

This means, what you call your ‘self’ is the same as the composition of the meanings of the divine names.

So, when you say “I do as I like”, or “I can’t help myself, I can’t stop myself from doing a certain action” what you’re actually saying is, “I’m fulfilling the requisites of my composition” and the natural consequence of this is hell.

When you’re bound to your compositional structure, you will encounter difficult situations, you will be prone to suffering and problems. And there is no other existence out there that can have mercy on your soul and forgive you! For you are not doing wrong to something out there. You are doing wrong to yourself! You’re wronging yourself because you’re not transforming the perfection of Rububiyyah comprising your essence to the perfection of Uluhiyyah!

To point to this truth the Rasul of Allah (saw) says, “Moralize yourself with the morals of Allah.”

This means to openly express the meanings of the divine names within yourself, which is comprised of the mystery and perfection of Rububiyyah. To manifest the different divine qualities within your essence is to moralize with morals of Allah.

One cannot reach Allah as long as he deifies himself. One cannot unite with Allah as long as he serves his Rabb. They say “So and so is Rabbani…” everybody is Rabbani! Every iota of existence is Rabbani!

When you stop being Rabbani and become Divine, that is when you will have reached Allah! Hence those who unite with Allah are called the “ahlullah” i.e. the people of Allah. 

In general, everyone is Rabbani, the people of the Rabb! As everyone is automatically fulfilling the requisites of their composition. When you can actually say my Rabb is Allah, that is when you can unite with Allah. Otherwise your Rabb is the composition of the divine names comprising your composition. 

To say “My Rabb is Allah” you must overcome the boundaries and limitations of your composition and moralize with the morals of Allah. The meanings that are expressed through you after that will show whether your Rabb is Allah or not. Otherwise to simply claim my Rabb is Allah does not in any way mean you have actually united with Allah. As long as you don’t moralize with the morals of Allah, no matter how much you may think you have reached unity and oneness, you will only be deluding yourself!

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