88. Al-Ghashiya

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Did the news reach you of the Ghashiya (the overwhelming event that wraps and covers people – Doomsday)?

2. (Some) faces that day will look down in shame!

3. Having worked hard (complying with customs, traditions and customary practices of worship) and exhausted for nothing!

4. They (those faces) will be subject to an intense fire!

5. They will be made to drink from a boiling spring!

6. And there will be no food for them, except for a poisonous thorny plant,

7. Which will neither nourish them nor appease their hunger.

8. And many faces that day will show signs of pleasure.

9. They will be pleased with the results of their (duly spent) efforts!

10. In an elevated Paradise!

11. They will hear no baseless speech therein.

12. Within a (continually) flowing spring (of knowledge and power),

13. Couches raised high,

14. And cups put in place,

15. And cushions lined up (behind them),

16. And carpets spread (beneath them),

17. Do they not look at the camels (rain clouds), how they are created?

18. And (do they not look at) the sky, how it has been raised (how space has been formed)!

19. And (do they not look at) the mountains, how they have been set!

20. And (do they not look at) the earth, how it has been furnished!

21. So remind! For you are a reminder (you have been disclosed to remind them of their essential reality)!

22. You are not a controller and imposer over them!

23. But whoever turns away and covers (denies and refuses to see the reality),

24. Allah will subject him to the greatest suffering!

25. Indeed, to Us is their return,

26. And it is up to Us to make them live the consequences of their deeds!

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