1. Ash-Shu’ara 88 “The time when neither wealth nor sons will be of any avail.” means that only a heart that is tied solely to Allah, a consciousness bereft of corporeal conditionings and emotions will prevail. A cleansed heart (Qalbin Saleem) comes from a purified consciousness.

  2. The verse: “Sufficient for you is your individual consciousness at this stage to discern the consequences of your actions”, refers to your conscience.  The mechanism in your brain that evaluates your condition based on the knowledge in your database, is called ‘the conscience’. Your conscience either forms your disposition according to your knowledge or makes you experience events that will discipline your current state.

  3. FEAR originates from the possibility of loss and is an emotion that results from losing sight of the reality of Allah. Salvation for those that have lost themselves within the vortex of FEAR is to ‘flee to Allah’. Have faith and trust in Allah, for Allah will make you experience what’s most beneficial! FEAR is suffering!

  4. For a time, I thought that I was in LOVE with Allah. Then I realized that Allah made ‘Me’ experience LOVE, as ‘My’ creator. Allah ordered me to become LOVE, and so I did! I became drunk with ‘HIS’ Love. I loved, I was loved, and at each instance I uttered ALLAH. The world and the ever after became ONE, and lost became I in its ONENESS!

  5. You can speak of what you inherently know, you can even write about it. But do not gossip (repeat without understanding) about the knowledge of reality! The cost of peddling what you don’t inherently experience is high! As is the cost of seeming different to what you truly are. If you believe in a day of reckoning that is…

  6. Allah is the creator of the concept of ‘I’; and has taken the form of the ‘I’! When you look through the apparent ‘I’ ness, there is nothing other than Allah! There is no suffering for those who can see through the external appearance, to the ONE that does as HE pleases.

  7. Many of the explanations regarding doomsday in the Quran are metaphors. One of the examples is that the sun rising from the west would signal the arrival of doomsday. Oneness as explained by the knowledge of reality, Quantum Oneness as explained by scientists, is one and the same as that which is explained by the surah al-ikhlas.

  8. The believer does not FEAR death, the believer soars from lowly corporeality to endlessness. Those that FEAR death, are those that believe that their afterlife will be worse than their lives on earth.

  9. You can get to know someone from the way they act.Make them angry if you want to find out what they harbor inside.

  10. Whilst the ONE referred to by the name Allah is continually being misrepresented by all translations in contradiction with contemporary scientific facts, referring to an illusory god in the sky; FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, DECODING THE QURAN ACKNOWLEDGES THAT ALLAH IS THE ESSENTIAL REALITY OF MAN. To request a free copy.

  11. Years upon years have come and gone… If a lifetime has been spent; sitting in the same place, repeating the same words, doing the same things, WHAT A SHAME, WHAT A WASTE! Hopes and dreams will be dashed!

  12. We all love those who resemble the way we feel deep inside. We all mirror the ones we love. We either become like the ones we love, OR we make them become more like us! If we don’t abandon our SELVES and become like the ones we love, then what we speak of is not love at all!

  13. If you don’t apply what you know in this lifetime then your knowledge is of no use to you, it serves only your self- satisfaction. Whatever the reason, if you are fighting and struggling; you are most certainly amongst those referred to in Yusuf 106:  And most of them believe in Allah only as dualists (by associating their assumed gods or selves)! Dualists will never attain a state of heavenly existence, no matter how much good they do!

  14. Maturity is knowing to listen and letting others speak their minds. It is speaking, not for the purpose of proving what one knows, but to share knowledge that can be of use to the listener. Knowing when to listen is paramount.

  15. What we speak of and discuss as the brain is in fact the qualities of Allah that are becoming manifest at each instant. To understand the brain is to understand the qualities of Allah. Islam speaks not of a god in the sky, but of ALLAH that becomes manifest in existence at each instance. Explained in further detail in Decoding the Quran.

  16. As the brain is a data constellation formed of the qualities (names) of Allah, at each instance it exhibits HIS endless qualities. The manifestation of the name ‘Al Hafiz’ via the brain is what we refer to as memory. The preserved tablet (Lawhi-i Mahfuz) is none other than the mechanism of memory in the brain. It is herein that we READ ‘our’ book, our lives!

  17. Beauty comes not from external appearance, rather from our perception of inherent data. Beauty is not in the object itself, it is in the perception of the beholder.Hence everyone has a different definition of beauty.

  18. One of the key words in the Quran is the word “DOON”. Any form of existence referenced by the word ‘doon’ also obtains its life force from the compositional qualities denoted by the Names of Allah, yet its existence can in no way be compared or held equal to Allah.Verses that caution us to never deify anything ‘other than’ (doon) Allah highlight this reality.

  19. Corporeality consists of love and conflict. If you haven’t found your essential reality Allah, if Allah has not become your ear that hears, your tongue that speaks well then, another one will have bitten the dust

  20. When Allah is going to make you experience your destiny, you will be adorned with incredible desire.  Once you cede and fulfill your desire, destiny will take its place.Remember the verse, “You cannot will unless Allah wills (your will is Allah's will)”.

  21. A wise man once said, ‘The devil reigns over the end of days’, where what’s wrong is made to appear to be right, and what’s right is made to appear to be wrong.  Slavery is being imposed on everyone under the guise of health benefits.  Faithlessness has become a prerequisite for free thought.  We are surrounded by hatred and animosity. (Learn to) Love and tolerate!

  22. I wonder what our world views would have been had we not had the conditionings of the social environment that we grew up in imposed upon us! What would we have been like if we had grown up in a village in China or a tribe in Africa?

  23. The state of prostration for the body is space (location), the state of prostration for the eternal quantum brain is spacelessness. The body increases its sense of prostration by seizing the energy from where its stationed.  The quantum brain on the other hand does so by manifesting its knowledge of the reality, becoming aware of its spaceless inexistence.The objective: prostration.

  24. The key to prostration is the awareness that everything comes into existence by the creation of your Rabb.  Oneness is the state where there is no longer an ‘I’...only ALLAH. 

  25. It’s only in a state of spaceless prostration that Man can come to the realization of his essential reality. This is what the verses regarding prostration refer to. It’s not possible to perform ‘salat’ without reaching prostration. The body on the other hand comes from dust, and back to dust it shall go.
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