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  1. Those that have not realized what the name ALLAH references either spend their lives EITHER WORSHIPING OR FIGHTING an illusory god of their own creation. Read my book: Muhammed’s ALLAH https://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/book/muhammads-allah

  2. THE ORIGIN OF THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING IN IT IS “DATA”. For contemplative minds: https://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/article/why-dataTHE ORIGIN OF THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING IN IT IS “DATA”. For contemplative minds: https://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/article/why-data

  3. A name can never encompass the named, it can only refer to it. A picture can never encompass the pictured, it can only display its image. If your perception is based on pictures and names, then your life is automated, oblivious to the realities behind the names and images.

  4. LOVE IS WORSHIP! The existence behind all image is Allah. All creatures love in their own way, but the beloved is always Allah. Whether it is intentional or not it is structural servitude, it is worship, a reason for being. Recognize the BELOVED!

  5. Those who have the knowledge of Unity but are unable to pacify their EGO will continue to experience existence through the viewpoint of corporeality. This viewpoint will cause suffering despite the inherent knowledge of unity, a suffering that is a directly triggered by the EGO.

  6. You don’t value that which I value and hold dear in life; I don’t value that which you value and hold dear in life! To you that which you prioritize and value and to me that which I! Time will soon tell which one of us is on the RIGHTEOUS path.

  7. The brain perceives everything to be made out of matter, it even perceives itself to be a flesh and blood organ. Whereas neither is your brain made up of flesh and blood, nor is existence made up of matter. This is the perception created by the operating system of your brain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2N_O7zN_eg

  8. What do you say we observe reality from a different perspective? Till now we have based our understanding of reality on a timeline. For instance, we explore the universe based on its creation some billions of years ago, etc. Whereas! Today’s scientific and theoretical physics have shown us that all time-based explanations of existence are in fact metaphoric! The ad-Infinitum TIMELINE between past and future that we have come to accept is but a metaphoric understanding of the reality! In fact… All time-based explanations are DIMENSIONAL OCCURRENCES WITHIN A SINGULAR EXISTENCE. There is only the NOW. The NOW, WITH ALL THE DATA IT REPRESENTS IS IN A STATE OF DIMENSIONAL UNITY. THE PAST AND FUTURE EXIST AS DIMENSIONS WITHIN THE NOW! GAIN AWARENESS OF THE DIMENSIONS!

  9. Those in DUALITY and the UNGRATEFUL are forever condemned to suffering, both in this life and in the grave!

  10. If you accept THE ONE to be INFINITE, LIMITLESS, can there exist another thing besides it? If you accept THE ONE to be INFINITE, LIMITLESS, what would be the place or the structure of any given THING that you can think up or imagine?

  11. Look…The information of how your heart, liver and organs will develop is fully encoded when you are but a single cell in your mother’s womb. Your body develops into its full form based on this program. And at the moment of your birth, your character was already clearly defined. If so… Do you not realize that all beings in existence are based on the same creation and evolution? The creative knowledge and power manifests itself structurally in each being, each brain! Now imagine the knowledge and power within your being. What is it that are you missing? There are those that believe in god and those that don’t, neither comprehend that which is named ALLAH in the Quran! That there is NOTHING BUT the INFINITE KNOWLEDGE AND POWER referred to by the name ALLAH! Anything else is duality! Let this be the foundation of your reality!

  12. A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE ON THE QURAN. The QURAN has been disclosed to man for him to get to KNOW HIS ESSENCE, HIS SELF, and to demonstrate that there is no god or godhead. As these magnificent revelations have been worded with allegories and metaphors, they lead to endless questions and misunderstandings. The complete number of words available to the Quraishi tribe where the Quran was revealed: 1711… The number of names of places and people (Gabriel, Adam, Zulkarnain, Samiri, Zabur, etc.): 65… Grand total: 1776… Expressing such profound knowledge with such few words has necessitated the application of multiple meanings to each word. For this reason, the Rasulullah (saw) was adorned with the name Jawami'-al-Kalim; The one that uses few words carrying many meanings. You may find the explanation of words and definitions in ‘Decoding the Quran’, available on our website. https://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/book/decoding-the-quran-in-chronological-order-of-revelation Let’s consider an example. The word ‘the heavens’ has been used to describe space in its external meaning as well as consciousness-awareness in its internal meaning. Likewise, ‘The Earth’ is used to describe soil-literally the earth as well as the human body. Those that try to comprehend the Quran from a superficial standpoint generally focus on the first and apparent meaning of each word and verse, whereas SUFIS seek to get to know ALLAH through the secondary or tertiary meanings. Sufis have uncovered the meaning behind ‘KNOW YOUR SELF SO THAT YOU MAY KNOW YOUR RABB’ (This phrase alone carries many meanings within its depths!).

  13. They claim that there are no metaphors in the Quran. Take for instance the Surah Al-‘Adiyat. https://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/book/decoding-the-quran-in-chronological-order-of-revelation/100-al-adiyat Do you really think the Quran is talking about wild horses herewith?

  14. The heavens: The top represents how the brain manifests existence according to data derived from the five senses. The bottom segment on the other hand IS the brain and is observed as Oneness. This, depending on the depths achieved, is the realm of existence of the vicegerent HUMan.

  15. No matter how deep your knowledge of Sufism is, knowledge pertains to corporeality. It does not reflect on your state. Your conditionings and your emotions are what drive your state. The seeds of observation are sown by looking INWARD, leading to a state associated with Oneness. The purpose of Sufism is to observe the heavens within the depths of that which is referred to as the brain, to discover the One on The Throne, and to observe the Kingdom through ‘HU’. Whatever you seek, seek it within. All is within. Feel it!

  16. Avoid getting affected by the events in your life! For you can neither re-experience them nor benefit from them in the afterlife, just like with you dreams. Observe and carry on!

  17. Try to imagine how you have squandered the best moments of your life in the name of things that will have no relevance in the future…what battles you fought, what suffering you endured. Don’t worry about a single thing, if it isn’t working out, so be it Don’t squander your mind!

  18. The Quran says: “Never give up hope on the grace of Allah” Does this mean not giving up hope from a distant god? OR does it mean counting on the activation of the divine potential at your core leading to outcomes where you believe ‘oh, I got lucky’?

  19. “I BELIEVE IN GOD” I ‘believe in’ an illusory godhead. “I BELIEVE IN ALLAH” I believe that it is the FORCES OF ALLAH THAT CONSTITUTES MY EXSITENCE. Which do you believe?

  20. Many people believe their hallucinations are a reality, they talk about their encounters with prophets and saints. Their minds create these visions based on their existing databases. Some even take themselves to be prophets, some for saints, some for the Mahdi! They believe in these hallucinations so much, that they convince the people around them that they are true. Easily done, as there are many among the ignorant looking to latch on to such nonsense. Thinking minds avoid such pitfalls. Sufism is to seek one’s essential reality, INTERNALLY. Not to create EXTERNAL imaginary scenarios. For those in the way of ALLAH, worldly matters have no relevance. They are the observing ones! You cannot attain ALLAH EXTERNALLY! TURN INWARD! Your RABB is within your depths.

  21. Good luck to those that shape their lives based on their CONSTRUCT of the metaphors that were used to describe the realities of existence some thousands of years ago! Today, science verifies and describes all Religious and Sufi teachings of the day.

  22. RELIGION EXISTS FOR MATTERS OF FAITH. Unfortunately, all current religious messages focus on irrelevant peripheral matters, not the essential matters of faith. RELIGION IS FOR FAITH IN ALLAH, THE QUALITIES OF ALLAH THAT CONSTITUTE YOUR ESSENCE. “NONE WILL ENTER PARADISE THANKS TO THEIR ACTIONS.” “Not even you O Rasul?” “Not even I! However, Allah has swathed me with his grace.” Sahih Hadith. The ONLY WAY to paradise is FAITH in ALLAH AS IT IS DESCRIBED in the QURAN. There is no other pathway to paradise.

  23. Do you not question? Do you not contemplate? The surah Al-Nahl states that even Bees receive revelations. Where do these revelations come from? Millions of light years away? Do these revelations originate from an external source. A question worth contemplating.

  24. For hundreds of years, people have been conditioned to eat ice cream with a fork. No matter how often you tell them that ice cream should not be eaten with a fork but with a spoon, you cannot change this habit that has how encoded itself onto their genome. Similarly, duality (god AND I) has taken hold of the minds of people as if it were faith to Allah. They consider not the Surah Yusuf and question the foundation of their faith. They question not whether their faith is to Allah as described in the Quran or whether is it is to a god in the heavens that they dreamed up. Even those that consider themselves to be Sufis can fall into a dualistic perspective when contemplating UNITY and ONEness! HE & I, HE within, HIS Qualities within me! Etc etc. Is there any room for I, in An infinite SINGULARITY, ONE BEYOND WHICH NOTHING EXISTS?

  25. My greatest effort for the last sixty years has been to try to evaluate the religion of Islam in light of the most recent discoveries in theoretical physics, the neurosciences, and the general sciences. The result: Salvation lies only and only in FAITH IN ALLAH! Anyone who has not questioned and understood the reality behind what is referred to with THE NAME ALLAH is destined to suffer, both in this life and in the afterlife. All suffering is caused by the inability of FAITH to manifest itself. God, an external entity that rules you, is inexistent. ALLAH ON THE OTHER HAND IS THE ESSENCE OF ALL CREATION. Therefore, the only thing that can save you is FAITH (for you are unable to see, experience) in ALLAH as the essence of your brain, your consciousness. None can save you from hell, no one can get you into paradise. EDUCATE YOURSELF, AND GET TO KNOW YOURSELF!
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