1701 - 1750

  1. EVERYTHING YOU SEE, whatever it may be, carries the same meaning and importance. YOU assign values to them based on your background and conditionings, and they affect you emotionally in YOUR WORLD, YOUR EXISTENCE. Once you understand this, then you will understand the meaning of OBSERVATION at the level of Allah.

  2. The origin, the building material of the Universe is data/waves, NOT matter! If so, the origin and building material of the brain is also DATA! For millennia, this has affectionately been referred to as the soul. The brain creates the perception of matter as a function of its operational program.

  3. ‘Nothingness’ in Sufism refers to a state of being for a chosen few. ‘NOTHINGNESS’ means, “realizing the inexistence of what we call existence, and the inexistence of the self in the sight of Allah; a realization that belongs not to the self, but to Allah!” NOTHINGNESS is of the servant, not of ALLAH. The term Gaybul Guyb, the pinnacle of the unknown, guides us to that which is referred to with the name ALLAH. The Quantum Potential (Rahmanniya) is not a ‘THING’, it is the CREATOR of KNOWLEDGE, of DATA; in other words, it refers to the CREATOR, that which is REFERRED TO BY THE NAME ALLAH. All servants (compositions of the infinite qualities of Allah) in existence, are NOTHING in the sight of ALLAH. ‘The perfect man’, the ‘Vicegerent’, defines the servants of ALLAH that demonstrate the awareness of this NOTHINGNESS. The term Gaybul Guyb cannot be used in reference to a servant. The ultimate point of enlightenment for a servant is attaining a state of NOTHINGNESS.

  4. It was custom to bid goodbye with terms like ‘May you be with Allah’ or ‘God Bless you’. It was a prayer offered from one to the other. The words carried meaning; they carried a benefit through the positive brain waves we directed. It didn’t matter if the one saying it knew all of this or not, the system would work its function automatically. There was purpose and meaning behind the custom. Ask yourself this; when you bid farewell to a friend, an acquaintance, or a loved one, do the words you chose carry purpose, meaning, and positive brain waves.

  5. The definition of the magnificent algorithm of the infinite universes in the Quran is called ‘The Sunnah of Allah`. The magnificent mechanism of CREATION, where the command ‘BE’ becomes ‘IT IS’. This algorithm, called The Sunna of Allah, continues its timeless state of observation of the infinite Quantum Potential (the quality of Ar-Rahman) through the knowledge of Allah. All existence is formed through the observation of the infinite potential of Ar-RAHMAN within Ar-RAHIM. This state of observation (the DECODING of knowledge through knowledge) creates the knowledge-based existence defined by the various qualities of the names of Allah. The knowledge-based algorithm that forms this system of creation is called the Sunna of Allah. Therefore: BİSMİLLAHİR RAHMANİR RAHÎM is the ultimate summary and thesis of the Quran. Such that those that can decode the Basmala reflect its meaning through their very existence! The ‘Perfect Man’ (Al-Insan Al-Kamil) is he who can DECODE THE BASMALA!

  6. THE BRAIN DOES NOT SEE, IT PERCEIVES (Incoming data); AND CREATES AN IMAGE, AFTER PROCESSING THE DATA THROUGH ITS DATABASE. What we call seeing is in fact a creation of our brain. It simultaneously creates emotions, again ACCORDING TO its database. This is what the verse ‘at every instance HU (the Absolute Essence of Existence) manifests Himself in yet another way’ describes. The metaphors in the Quran and hadiths all describe mankind and the human brain. As the brain manifests reality in a different form at each instance, it is irrelevant why or from whom knowledge is received. The brain simply processes data and CREATES according to its database. Therefore, data received from another person or a sitcom are evaluated by the brain according to the same operating system, leading to your holographic existence. Your suffering stems not from the incoming data, but from the conditionings in the database of your brain! Purify your SELF to attain salvation!

  7. You shall experience the results of what you see in me internally, as I shall experience the results of all that I see. The things you see, either in me or elsewhere, have no bearing over me. Just as the things I see have no bearing over you. We are all eternal prisoners of the reality that we create!

  8. IF you cannot decipher the mechanism of your brain, how and why it CREATES your HOLOGRAPHIC EXISTENCE, your depiction of reality and religion is FICTIONARY, AND WILL ONLY BRING YOU SORROW!

  9. You listen to the sermon before Friday prayer and it goes something like this: O lord give us health, peace, and prosperity, don’t make us of the needy, protect our state and sovereignty, etc. WHEREAS The Quran states: “WE HAVE REVEALED THIS KNOWLEDGE TO MAKE HUMANITY AWARE OF ITS REALITY” So why is there not a single sentence during the sermon reminding people to shift from the EXTERNAL to the INTERNAL? From thinking that Man is the body, to REALIZING THAT MAN IS VICEGERENT ON EARTH! SALAT is NOT SOLELY INTENDED FOR THE BODY!

  10. If you don’t want to lose sleep, don’t think too much about what 2023 is going to bring. Happy days are all behind us I’m afraid. As Jesus said: “Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but not the signs of the times.”

  11. If you aspire to a peaceful life… Stay away from people who expect of you, from the uncouth who don’t know their boundaries. If someone has betrayed you before, they are likely to do it again. Habits are hard to change. You can’t teach those who think they know…let them be! If you are with someone out of obligation, know that you cannot help them. Try and understand why. Those with differing views and lives WILL eventually abandon you. Be prepared! Forced unions are hard for all parties, Seek to resolve them! Distance yourselves from those that don’t like you; don’t cause them discomfort. Make respect the core tenet of your relationships. If your love is leading to disrespect, then your love is possessive, it is untrue; your relationship will falter. If you fear losing, this means your relationship is based on expectation.

  12. There’s a Turkish proverb: Don't make the beaten-down sigh, you will pay for it by and by! Don’t ask why; just recall your past ordeals!

  13. Don’t be so ignorant as to think that the only conscious and aware being in the world, the solar system and the whole universe is the human being! There are countless beings that emit frequencies that the human brain is incapable of deciphering. The have been referred to in the Quran as “the JINN”. What is commonly referred to as “Jinn” is actually only one out of many types of invisible beings. I had written my book, SPIRIT MAN JINN upon doing research on the subject back in 1970 while I was working for the Turkish newspaper, Aksam. If you put aside your conditionings and do some proper research, you will realize that we live in a very different world from what we think. Do not fear the Jinn. Your brain is equipped with the forces to protect you from them. All the necessary details are in the book! https://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/book/spirit-man-jinn


  15. Does the way of life embraced by the Taliban reflect the spirit of the Quran? Or do we need to understand the Quran in light of the requirements of our day? Do you not believe the Rasul when he says “Don’t make it harder, simplify, Don’t make people hate it, make them embrace it”? Our article “The spirit of the Quran” addresses these topics. THE SOLE OBJECTIVE IS TO UNDERSTAND THE MESSAGE OF THE SPIRIT OF THE QURAN. There is a Hadith “No one can attain heaven through their actions alone”. The sole pathway to heaven is through FAITH. What the Taliban fails to understand is the SPIRIT OF THE QURAN! https://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/article/the-spirit-of-the-quran-and-women-in-islam

  16. FATE, is not a fable written by an entity in the heavens. FATE, is the definition of A UNIVERSAL SYSTEM, WHERE ONE ACTION TRIGGERS ANOTHER. Everyone MUST do WHATEVER IS NECESSARY, as if fate did not exist. THE BOOK STATES, WE WILL NEVER CAUSE SUFFERING BEFORE WE WARN YOU! Wake up!

  17. One day, you will unexpectedly leave this world behind. HOWEVER, you will never escape YOUR world, your cocooned existence! Are you prepared? Are you at peace in YOUR world?

  18. The enlightened all have the same perspective: Every occurrence is that which was obliged to occur, without any possibility of non-occurrence. This understanding stems from the concept that ‘Hidden in the beginning is the story of the end’. The reality that Allah is the observer, the knower, the sayer guides the paths of those with whom Allah is pleased (Mardiyya). Every occurrence creates the basis of the following occurrence. Everything, from the universes within universes, to the development of the human body from a single cell, occurs based on its natural dispositions. The word Sunnatullah, the system of Allah, describes this very phenomenon. Every occurrence triggers the next based on its purpose, its objective.

  19. The night of ascension is upon us. Surely, ascension is only for the one experiencing it. And those who don’t, well they make do with words and stories. The first part of ascension is based on time and space, it addresses changing places instantaneously. Whereas one’s ascension is not about changing places, it is SPIRITUAL. The first part of ascension addresses the definition of conquest or ‘feth’ in Sufism. It is the ascension to a state of existence beyond time and space, beyond the material, the capacity to travel and observe those realms. The second part addresses the observation of one’s essential reality, ones RABB. It is the manifestation of the knowledge of the RABB. Ascension is the observation of the ONE!

  20. You still think that you are in control? Perhaps you will open your eyes tomorrow morning, or just like it was explained in the Surah Zilzal, your doomsday will arrive and you will not awaken, you will pass away just like many did just recently in Turkey!

  21. THE SURAH ZILZAL: It defines one’s death as their doomsday, and it explains the various phases of death through METAPHORS. It is not talking about the final doomsday, for at that point there won’t be a single living thing left! IF YOU DON’T DECIPHER THE METAPHORS, YOU WILL REMAIN IN DENIAL!

  22. In plain English, the word BOOK in the Quran refers to knowledge. The Quran is the manifestation of KNOWLEDGE in one’s consciousness. The Quran that has been revealed came to mankind for them to use their minds, to think, NOT to act in the way of the traditions and habits of the Arab peninsula of that time. KNOWLEDGE COMES TO US SO THAT WE UNDERSTAND, CONTEMPLATE, FORM OUR ACTIONS ACCORDINGLY, AND EXPERIENCE THE EVENTUAL RESULTS. MEMORIZING KNOWLEDGE THAT WE DON’T UNDERSTAND IS LIKE LICKING A JAR OF HONEY AND HOPING TO EXPERIENCE THE BENEFITS OF HONEY! WE MUST ALL UNDERTAND THE KNOWLEDGE THAT WE CALL THE QURAN AND CONTEMPLATE. THE QURAN WAS REVEALED FOR MANKIND TO REALIZE WHAT IS REFERRED TO BY THE NAME ALLAH; To notify us of our eternal existence and that which lies ahead; and to suggest a way of life in accordance with this knowledge. The obligation to read the Quran and understand it rests on each individual. The Quran is KNOWLEDGE THAT IS VALID THROUGH DOOMSDAY, for it represents the essential reality of mankind and guides us as to how we ought to live in accordance with this knowledge! THE REQUISITES OF FAITH ARE THE TENETS OF THE QURAN THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE WITH TIME. https://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/book/the-call-part-1/the-spirit-of-the-quran-and-women-in-islam

  23. YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY EXPERIENCE THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS! Such is the system of Allah: Allah is SARI-UL-HISAB, SWIFT AT RECKONING. This said people neglect that which they trigger with their own actions, and are surprised by the ensuing events. In fact, it is the outcome of their own actions! THE RIGHT OF THE SERVANT IS THE RIGHT OF ALLAH! For, righteousness is the essence of all beings your punishment will not come from an illusory god in the sky, but from ALLAH WITH ALL HIS QUALITIES AS YOUR ESSENTIAL REALITY! Verse: “Your conscience will call you to account” FEAR THAT WHICH IS WITHIN!


  25. THOSE THAT LEARN RELIGION THROUGH RELIGIOUS SCHOOLING BELIEVE IN A GOD SEPARATE FROM THEIR BEING. WHEREAS THOSE WHO LEARN ISLAM THROUGH SUFISM DEVELOP FAITH IN THAT WHICH IS NAMED ALLAH AS THEIR ESSENTIAL REALITY… WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN THE TWO? Those who believe in a god in the heavens neglect the knowledge and power of their own essence and transfer all responsibility and hope to this illusory god of theirs. The state of the Muslim world today is a reflection of this misconception. Whereas those that have faith in their RABB with all the qualities of Allah at their essence (emanating through that which we refer to as the brain); manage to achieve wonderous feats by manifesting all that they will! How did Islam spread? The expansion of Islam occurred during the period when Sufism was in the forefront. Islam started to decline as people gradually lost this perspective and gravitated towards a corporeal view of existence, believing in an illusory god in the heavens.

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