1. Put aside all names and labels and observe the flow of love around you. Lover-Beloved-Love are all ONE. Where are 'you' amidst all of this?

  2. So long as you don’t get rid of all of your expectations the flames of your hell will keep burning!

  3. LOVE accepts no identity... Come after you strip yourself of your self my child!

  4. If when you say "I love you" you don't mean "I'm ready to give everything up for you" your love is only in words.

  5. Time is merely perception. It will have no validity after death, just as our sense of time in dreams don’t mean anything when we wake up.

  6. When can you become free? When you overcome your fear of losing. How can you be happy? When you accept everything for what it is.

  7. Instead of envying and emulating others discover yourself! Perhaps you have greater gifts than those you envy…

  8. How can you discover yourself? Look for a mirror that will genuinely and unrequitedly reflect your essence without wanting any return.

  9. Nothing is a coincidence in life. Everyone lives the direct or indirect result of his/her thoughts, actions and preferences…

  10. If you can't overcome your pride or your greed for money, power, rank etc. then LOVE isn't in your lot my friend. Enjoy your world!

  11. How can you see the One who manifests Himself anew at every instance if you continue to live in the past instead of being in presence?

  12. YOU aren't here to live love... LOVE is here to erase YOU. If you aren't ready to forego your 'self' don't talk about being in love...

  13. Ambition is a flame from hell, it feeds and nourishes the ego... Without it, you can't succeed, with it, you can't go to paradise…

  14. Don't be so easily sucked into the vortex of fear... Spread love while they spread fear, what will be will be anyway, don't get carried away.

  15. Transcend the form, fall in love with the formless, only then can you renounce your ego, only then can you enter paradise!

  16. There seems to be a craze of PERSONal development/developers yet our aim is not to develop the person but to become completely free of it!?

  17. I have faith that we are created as vicegerents of Allah, grant me this disposition, grant its assimilation, this is my celebration of Eid.

  18. When you hear something new do you just accept it as is and skip to something new OR do you track down the root of the idea and dig deeper?

  19. All those days that you wished would never end...they came to end. So, will these days! How ready are you for the day you will be left alone?

  20. How much of what's in this short life of yours is for you needs, and how much of it is for acknowledgement from others, for showing off?

  21. Hadith: 'We are all with those we love'. Now consider this; are those that you love the beloved's of Allah?

  22. The Quran and the Rasul of Allah clearly separate the beloved's of Allah from others? What are YOUR consequences if you are with the others?

  23. Are those destined for eternal suffering the beloved's of Allah? Would Allah bestow suffering on those He loves?

  24. Those that love Allah are those that strive in the way of Allah, those that dedicate their lives to Allah! Are they not His very beloved's?

  25. So, whom should we love? The beloved's of Allah or those that have fallen out of His favor? How will you shape your surroundings?

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