1. Love created the worlds to observe its own qualities. Oneness is One because of Love. Attraction is the form of love!

  2. You can buy all the fires of hell with your money and possessions, but not every heart has what it takes to carry the fire of LOVE.

  3. You may forget but your brain doesn't! It stores and saves every incident and emotion you experience up until you move on to your spirit body!

  4. Whether nightmares during sleep or the life of the grave or the life of hell- they're all based on the data in your brain. Cleanse yourself!

  5. Blessed are you if you can smile at someone who frustrates and agitates you. If you can't smile, at least don't react!

  6. Just like you can’t take ownership of the furniture in a house your visiting, don’t try to own the things/people in the world. Just enjoy your visit.

  7. Here's the absolute truth: "Love and conflict can’t reside in the same heart."

  8. LOVE is to sacrifice your ego/identity/self for your beloved. This is what is actually intended by "offering a sacrifice”!

  9. We are the followers of a Rasul to whom Allah said, "If it weren't for you my beloved I would not have created the worlds" He came for love!

  10. Nothing can penetrate the one who is with Allah! Neither those who swear, curse or insult, nor those who love and exalt!

  11. Whether or not you're aware, you're creating and forming your future this very moment with your thoughts, actions, and emotions!

  12. To know your essential reality is the One isn't the point. The Pharaoh and Satan also know this truth. Both died deprived of LOVE and suffered!

  13. Spread love and hope as opposed to those who spread hatred and violence. Be the smiling face of Allah and reap what you sow.

  14. Knowledge and intellect is to know Allah and to get closer to Him. But only with LOVE can you reach and experience Him. "You" can't see Allah!

  15. Knowledge that doesn't remove one's ego isn't true knowledge. It's only amusement and consolation for those who haven't been created for LOVE.

  16. Don't be expecting anything from anyone. Simply live the moment and observe and experience the outcome of your actions.

  17. Leave your mind and knowledge aside and come! Come for LOVE! Not to play house, but to fearlessly immerse and lose your 'self' in love!

  18. If love comes knocking on your door and your fear prevents you from opening it, you'll suffer forever, not because of love but because of your ego!

  19. A gift is an expression of love. The gift of a lover is his ego. One who can’t give up his pride-ego-identity can’t enter the paradise of LOVE.

  20. What prevents you from LOVE is inside you! As long as you don't forego your fears and conditioning you will continue to suffer, deprived of love.

  21. Without falling into the flames of love you can never burn away your ego-identity. To die for love is to die to your ego and become selfless!

  22. You're either serving LOVE or your EGO! Love burns and makes you NONE, after which you become ALL. You can’t be EVERYTHING without becoming NOTHING.

  23. A true lover will never do anything that goes against his beloved. This is the first rule!

  24. LOVE is the strongest force enabling the experience of bodiless-ness. LOVE frees consciousness from the restraints of the body.

  25. Regardless of the seeming form, the beloved is always the ONE. The true lover sees the One in all faces and becomes drunk in love selflessly.

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