1. Many psychosomatic illnesses can be healed with faith and submission to Allah. Peace and tranquility, faith, submission and contentment.

  2. Intercession is to show what isn't seen and to inform of what is not known. It’s not a physical intervention but an intellectual one.

  3. Do not be fooled by what seems evil. There is always so much good hidden behind it.

  4. If someone who hated you yesterday suddenly decides to love you today, show respect, but take your time to trust them. Precaution!

  5. One who insults/slanders in a situation against their interest or when unable to grasp a truth will eventually face the names al-Hasib and al-Zuntiqam.

  6. Gnostics have no fear of loss as they have already erased the world from their view. When one knows "He does as He wills" one has no worry.

  7. When one doesn't know about the Sunnatullah he thinks people get away with their misdeeds, yet all consequences will most DEFINITELY be faced!

  8. Serene is one who has no more quarrels and conflicts. Serenity reflects as facial beauty and tranquility. One feels happy just being around them.

  9. If there are people in your life that make you feel serene don’t be ungrateful to them, share their state and let their values reflect in your life.

  10. May your Rabb (Names of Allah comprising the essence of your brain) make you realize your beautiful qualities and save you from thinking you are the body.

  11. There's no greater disaster than thinking you are the body, bound to deteriorate under the earth. May Allah save and protect us from denial!

  12. The reality of your beloved is not the form that you see. It’s the meaning that you perceive. Sight may change, but love won't. Love is formless.

  13. If Allah comprises the essence of all things... Who is it that you hate? And who is it, really, that you love and long for?

  14. Who is the verse, said to the heaven and the earth "Come willingly or by compulsion" addressing? The earth and air? Or conscious beings?

  15. Spirit can mean two things: 1. The totality of all qualities denoted by the name Allah 2. Man's body after life (which also exists now).

  16. They ask if Allah already knows everything why the need for the body and the world? Because creation turns potential into form…

  17. The life of the body is a process of turning the potential of the Names into the form of a person; formless meaning taking form as a person.

  18. Man that exists at the quantum potential (knowledge of Allah) takes the form of a person through the brain, then continues without a body.

  19. The Lawh al-Mahfuz (the Preserved Tablet) is the genetic code of a human brain. The Pen writes ones fate (disposition) with the ink of sperm.

  20. How sad that we think the realities explained in the Quran are beyond the bounds of our reach, when it makes itself evident to us everywhere.

  21. Hence all the saints, from Jilani to Bektashi, have said "Whatever your seeking, seek within yourself!" Look within "man”!

  22. If you can't endure a thousand thorns you can't enjoy a single rose... One who can't bear the thorns, cannot become enlightened to the reality.

  23. The brain is programmed to execute what is spoken, be careful, you will inevitably live everything you speak, sooner or later!

  24. Quran 2:284 points to the reality that not only the results of your actions but also the those of your thoughts are executed by the brain. The mechanism of the brain which deals with executing the consequences of thoughts and actions pertains to Allah's name al-Hasib. Therefore, do not dwell on everything that comes into your mind, channel your thoughts elsewhere and protect yourself from becoming upset.

  25. Blessed may be your Friday! Friday means protecting your brain from gossip and not wasting your breath on criticizing others.

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