1. Suffering is the result of carrying and re-living this moment in the next moment rather than leaving it here and being ever-present in the “now".

  2. Some are extremely good at getting off at the second-last station before their destination, thanks to their emotions! Only the patient succeeds.

  3. Love is not an emotion, it's the result of your natural disposition (creational program; fitrah). Hence nobody can fall in love by choice!

  4. Love accepts no barrier -neither intellectual nor emotional- it can't be obstructed! If it can, it’s not true love but a temporary enthusiasm.

  5. One who conceives the one denoted by "ALLAH" as a deity/god in space or somewhere "beyond" can never understand the reality of Sufism.

  6. Suffering is inevitable for one who doesn't discern that his essential reality is comprised of the qualities of Allah.

  7. There is no "scale of faith" in this world. Nobody can weigh or measure others’ faith or claim them to be a believer or a nonbeliever.

  8. If death doesn't alarm you or make you stop and think, if you can't ponder on what's ahead of you, then continue living like all the other creatures.

  9. Learn to love if you want to be loved, be tolerant if you want tolerance, be merciful if you want mercy and be a friend if you want a friend.

  10. If Allah hadn't created the ungrateful the value of the thankful wouldn't have been known. Whatever you do the ungrateful will never be happy.

  11. For the intellectually impaired!!! Islam forbids all forms of violence and oppression! He who murders a single person has murdered humanity!!

  12. What would you do if someone attempted to kill your child or spouse? Realistic answers please...

  13. Love, respect, compassion are sublime feelings/experiences. It’s a universal/essential instinct to want to protect your loved ones.

  14. What if you were attacked and forced to seek protection/protect others? What would you do to the assaulter? Even if you're a Sufi? Be realistic.

  15. Justice isn't equality-No two things are equal in the system-Justice is the administering of deserved consequence-Thus is the justice of Allah!

  16. Failure to discern the One denoted by 'Allah' leads to suffering and blaming an assumed god. If all is created by Allah? Think about it...

  17. We're all going to unconditionally live what the One has determined for us. A true believer does not question the judgment of the One.

  18. It's easy to be spiritual when things are going well. Faith is to submit and say "You do as you will" when things aren't going their way.

  19. Consciousness will live on forever with the spirit after leaving the body. First in the hologram world called grave then mahshar-heaven-hell.

  20. The hardest times are when people are pulled into the vortex of the chaotic events of the world. Be alert. Don't get caught up.

  21. You exist solely to prepare for an eternal life awaiting you after death and to discover the magnificent qualities within your essence!

  22. Do not fear death. DO fear being unprepared for life after death. You can’t die if your time hasn't come. You can’t NOT die if your time has come!

  23. The evolved are unbiased and unprejudiced. Their judgment will be based on authentic research rather than gossip. Stay away from the biased.

  24. Excuses are invalid in the system of life. Results of actions are formed automatically. No use in saying I didn't know. Think twice before you act!

  25. A conditioned mind will judge everyone based on labels. A true human is beyond all labels. Go beyond labels and tags and try to feel others.

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