1. ‘Hu’ isn’t something in space, Hu is the reality of your essence! Hu is the totality of this universal structure; Hu is the Absolute Universal One!

  2. “...Be careful! Indeed, He is encompassing over all things (forms all things with the qualities of His Names)!” (Quran 41:54)

  3. “...Fear me (for you will face the consequences of your deeds based on the mechanics of the system; Sunnatullah), not them if you are of the believers.” (Quran 3:175)

  4. When we find ourselves in a situation, our first reaction should be: “I wonder what I have done wrong to be in this situation” rather than blaming others!

  5. “...So if you follow their desires (ideas and wants formed by their conditionings) after what has come to you of knowledge, indeed, you would surely be among the wrongdoers.” (Quran 2:145)

  6. “And We have created the heavens (the stages of manifestation pertaining to the qualities denoted by the Names) and earth (man’s illusory world) and everything in between them in Absolute Truth.” (Quran 15:85)

  7. Prayer or salat (turning towards one’s essence) is either a request that is made from an exterior god, or it is the process of actualizing one’s wishes through using the forces and potentials within one’s essence in congruence with the information contained within the database?

  8. “... Say: ‘Allah’ and let them amuse themselves in their empty discourse (their illusory world) in which they are absorbed.” (Quran 6:91)”

  9. “...And you threw not (the arrow) when you (illusory self; ego) threw, but it was Allah who threw!...” (Quran 8:17)

  10. Whether you choose to believe it or not, whether you can comprehend it or not, there is one absolute scientific reality: You live and dwell within your imagination and your imagination alone!

  11. “...Allah (the Names {the various compositions of the structural qualities constituting existence} within the essence of man) enables the realization of His Nur (the knowledge of His reality) to whom He wills.” (Quran 24:35)

  12. “Whoever is enabled by Allah to observe his innermost essential self, he is the one who reaches the reality!...” (Quran 7:178)

  13. If you want to explore the teachings of religion, you must do so by looking within the depths of your ‘self’, your brain, the essence of your existence, and not by gazing up into space or observing the sky.

  14. We must realize that there is no perception of matter such as we know it in the mechanism of the brain…

  15. I wonder how you’ll feel…when you TASTE OF DEATH and experience the dissipation of your body and all ties to it…and then once you wake, and feel that it was all but a dream…I wonder how you’ll feel at moment? Bodiless, wordless!

  16. The body is the partner (Zawj) of the immortal consciousness called Man on earth.  Whilst Man’s ‘abode’ was heaven while he was a being of pure consciousness/vicergerency, he has ‘fallen’ to earth upon becoming unified with his ZAWJ/BODY, and entered the state of material existence.

  17. There is a great misconception regarding ‘religion’. Religion has come to us for us to discover our (internal) essential reality, that which is defined by the name Allah! Even though this is the case, people have transformed religion into a dogmatic worship of (external) symbols and idols, and spend their days discussing which of their misconceptions is more valid?!

  18. What is the greatest misunderstanding regarding religion? The moment the word Allah is uttered, our thoughts automatically go to an external entity. Whereas for all matters relating to people, the approach must be based on the human dynamic, in other words our focus must be on the external manifestations of Allah.

  19. In its original form the brain is none other than a composition of data, for which there is no aging.

  20. Marriage is the union of two visions regarding life and the afterlife, not a union of habit and form. If the unity of vision collapses, so will the marriage.

  21. God did not create the universe! The only reality is that which is referred to by the name Allah! Allah is endless and limitless (AHAD, SAMED). As such, the universe is a formation in a white hole opening through another universes black hole. The system is ONE, with neither beginning nor end!

  22. By default every effort is rewarded by divine grace. Can you not see it?

  23. Sometimes in life the grace of Allah comes first, then comes personal effort, and sometimes the other way around. The exalted know that one leads to the other.

  24. If people around you are overstepping their boundaries and taking advantage of your sincerity towards them, then re-evaluate your relationship!  Those that don’t appreciate you for what you are can leave; they have no right to question your position.  Stay away from those that continuously overstep their boundaries!

  25. Hadith: "When you see someone after a year of separation, they are no longer the same person you once knew." After such long separations don’t expect anyone to be like what you have engraved in your memory!/p> >

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