1. No need for endless insults.  A single stone is sufficient to break a window! Every word you say, every line you write without thinking, is just like to the stone you throw!

  2. LOVE THEY SAY….  Without any understanding of what it means, jump into the flames of love…they say! Love is fire – it’ll burn you! Jump into the flames of love to burn and destroy your ego…that’s what it means; how do you expect to purify your SELF to the point of non-existence while you avoid the fire which will eradicate your ego?

  3. What is hellfire? Hellfire is suffering, and SUFFERING IS DUALITY! Whenever you suffer know that you have fallen to a state of DUALITY. In that state your suffering is eternal. Allah says, I will forgive everything other than Duality. Thus, if you are suffering, it is because you are facing the consequences of your Duality.

  4. The suffering of those unable to surrender their ego is eternal. There is no cure for it. The desire to have it YOUR way only helps feed the suffering, stoke the fire!

  5. Hearts filled with the love of worldly values, unable to abandon the ego cannot speak of love! “Abandon!” …says Allah. He who is facing the world cannot see Allah, He who sees Allah can never be enslaved or bound! Pitiful is the state of the slaves of the world.

  6. Hope is just postponed disappointment. You fall for statements of love and give your life to others in the hope of providing some benefit. Then you find out that they listen to what you have to say and live their lives without any change…Such is the reality!

  7. Words of affection lose their value at the ripe age of seventy-four. You watch as everyone engages in idle gossip about Sufism and continues to live their ego-based lives. And so, you decide to distance yourself from everyone and live a life of solitude.

  8. Purified souls attach the words ‘I love you’ to a quality above that of mankind. Otherwise everyone has a capacity to love, they love others because of qualities that correspond to theirs.  Don’t fall for those that claim to love you – what they love is within themselves.

  9. Dishonesty has become the norm. People speak of what they don’t know…But don’t apply what they speak of. Speak of what you yourself experience…And don’t act as if you know what you do not experience.

  10. I showed snails how to abandon their shells and roam free. But they chose to live imprisoned within their shells...all the while boasting about the wonderments of a shell-less life!

  11. If someone is unable to change themselves even though are aware that change is necessary, this signals an incapacity of the frontal lobe to evaluate new information. The data is not flowing from the frontal lobe to the core ‘will activation’ center of the brain.


  13. Lives are spent in thoughtless repetition. You claim to miss someone – but do you really?  Ask yourself but be sincere. You only truly miss something when you cannot live without it. The rest is gibberish!

  14. How sincere are those that speak of love – but turn their backs and desert you when they don’t get what they were hoping for? Love is bereft of expectation!

  15. If you want your perspective on life to CHANGE, approach every new thought, start every new action by deciphering and experiencing the meaning of A'UDHU BILLAHI MIN ASH-SHAYTAAN-IR-RAJEEM, BISMILLÂH IR-RAHMAN IR-RAHIM.

  16. Question yourself - Are you selfish? Do you treat others the way you yourself would like to be treated?

  17. None can assume the sins of another and everyone reaps what they sow. The sins of the father are visited on the son. Now how can we put these two sayings together without contradiction?

  18. Have you ever considered that you might constantly expect things in return from those you claim to love? Who do you love regardless of how they treat you, who do you love whether they fulfill your wishes or desires?

  19. ASH-SHAYTAAN-IR-RAJEEM, is all that prevents you from experiencing your essential reality! HUMan/Vicergent is the name given to those that exist at ONE with their essence. How often do you experience the state of A'UDHU BILLAHI?

  20. When they read (contemplate/feel) the A’udhu, the obervers of the realty experience their nothingness, and with the B’illahi comes the infinite, the All. And the others, well they just numbly repeat the A’udhu Billahi!

  21. Allah has created mankind with its Secret. Some are destined the live and experience that secret, and some to experience the results of not uncovering it. For the observers of the reality, there are the revealers of that secret, and for the others there are those that hide it. Whether you are one or the other, your path will be made appealing to you.

  22. Your prayers are answered and the qualities of the divine names are manifest by your Rabb, or in other words by your brain. All data entering your brain is prayer, and every request you make from another is in fact a prayer to your Rabb! Contemplate if you will.

  23. We spend our days living as if our material lives attached to this material world will never end.  How many times a day do we remember that when the time comes, we will leave it all behind in an instant?

  24. Our logic draws the path, our desire makes it happen! Power comes from desire. If our logic steers us wrong, our desire will lead us to hell, if it steers us right, it will lead us to paradise. You are as powerful as your desire?

  25. It is said that on your doomsday (death) you will follow into the ever-after those who gave direction to your life. This could be your wife, husband, son, daughter, spiritual or political leader. You will share their destiny in the afterlife.
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