1. Most people don’t repent because they're either unaware of their mistake or they refuse to accept it, preferring to live blindly instead…

  2. May Allah protect us, throughout our entire lives, from all thoughts and actions that will result in regret and save us from our ego. Amen.

  3. Our most urgent prayer should be: O Allah, enable me to see my mistakes and inadequacies that I'm unaware of and help me to correct them.

  4. The coming Eid is not an Eid of sacrifice but the Eid of Pilgrimage/Hajj. The pilgrims celebrate their purification by repenting at Arafat.

  5. True sacrifice is to sacrifice your ego. Sacrificing a ram will feed the hungry yes, but sacrificing your ego will make you reach your Rabb!

  6. Quran 108: Indeed, We gave you the Kawthar (the qualities of the Names in your brain). So, experience salat for your Rabb and sacrifice your ego!

  7. Salat is an inward introspection. It is to turn towards and connect with the Names comprising your essence, your brain…

  8. Remove your identity-ego so that your Rabb (the Names) may manifest Itself. Kawthar is the pool of Names comprising your being.

  9. Besides feeding the hungry, sacrificing an animal after Arafat is a symbol of sacrificing one's ego/illusory-identity to become purified.

  10. The most urgent and important action to take if you want to be healthy and protect your brain is to switch off your smart phone and put it away!

  11. Allah created Adam from earth and implanted the quality of vicegerency in him. So, are you living as an 'earth'ling or as a vicegerent?

  12. Contrary to the limited-constricted state of the body life vicegerency offers limitless heavenly experience of the infinite Names of Allah.

  13. O Allah allow me to recognize my essential reality and save me from the illusion of thinking I’m this body so that I may realize my vicegerency.

  14. Blessed be the Eid of those who share the joy of the Eid of Hajj with the pilgrims. May Allah remove the animosity between the ummah.

  15. The energy of the Kaaba and Arafat will amplify the natural qualities of the pilgrims. Some will get closer to Allah and some more to the world.

  16. The sign of having fallen far from Allah is seeing impurities and inadequacies around you and the constant need to criticize.

  17. Violence, oppression and savagery are signs of animalism. Love, respect, tolerance, understanding and kindness are signs of being human. Which are you?

  18. Regardless of its environment a rose continues to give out its beautiful odor. The same applies to a true human being.

  19. He whose mouth doesn't shut to criticism and gossip his eyes won't open to Allah!

  20. The verse "Allah created you and your actions" is in fact the notion of observing all activities from respect of the ONE advised by Sufism.

  21. Disrespect for others is from your ego. It is a sign of having fallen far from Allah.

  22. Fear is your biggest enemy. The fear of losing what you have prevents you from obtaining the new and the better.

  23. Knowledge shared by a feeble who can’t overcome his bodily addictions is like a candle giving light to its surrounding yet burning itself away.

  24. Outwardly, salawat is to turn to the spiritual presence of the Rasul. Inwardly, it is to establish a connection with the Reality of Muhammad.

  25. 75-100 years ago, esoteric Sufi knowledge and the secrets of Oneness was only discussed in confidential gatherings. Now it’s ALL on the web! But the accessibility of this esoteric knowledge isn’t important because it’s not about knowing. It’s about living. It’s about foregoing your ego.

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