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  1. You’re losing the moment & destroying your future trying to "own" when you're going to leave all behind. Only love can make you live paradise.

  2. The fear of losing is an inseparable component of wanting to own! To love without wanting to possess is Paradise - your fears are your Hell.

  3. To like is to expect a response. Love is without expectation. One who loves won't turn away from his beloved when things don't go his way!

  4. Just when you think you know it all if you don't realize there are yet infinite things you don't know, you're doomed to become fixed & stuck.

  5. The hell of ignorance is fire! The inability to recognize the warner is from ignorance not realizing ones ignorance is the biggest affliction.

  6. One who can't produce a work of art will produce gossip! One who can't produce new knowledge will put down those who can!

  7. When every day is a new beginning, a new opportunity for renewal, why waste your life repeating the things from yesterday?

  8. To say 'I purely believe' is admittance of your purity. Let your faith be formed by your knowledge & intellect not your purity.

  9. If the truths of the short term are preventing you from seeing the truths of the wider plan you're viewing life through blinders!

  10. When horses are made to wear blinders their views are helplessly narrowed. Mans blinders are his emotions, they fulfill the same function.

  11. To see one in military clothing in a dream means they are receiving assistance from a higher source of power, the Men of the Unknown.

  12. If you identify with the actors & the act while watching a movie you'll want to intervene! When it ends you'll be left alone in your world.

  13. Special nights such as Mawlid, Baraat, and Qadir do exist in Islam. May their evaluation be possible with valuable prayers.

  14. I hope the sun of the world will rise for us and enlighten our path and world of thought. May we be of those who see the light.

  15. The fight of the one who sees the light of risalah will end, he'll simply offer &move on, his ambition to lead will end. To fight is to lose.

  16. Funny how you watch a movie with an already determined scenario yet still think you can change it! You can't change a cucumber into a tomato.

  17. A king will play the king role & a spy will play a spy. The play & its end is fixed. If it wasn’t could today have been known 1400 years ago?

  18. If you are of the knowers of the truth you will observe the world without blaming or questioning anyone. You can offer but you can't blame!

  19. For brains that can think the nub of the topic of fate is: Allah has created man upon His attributes: Life, Knowledge, Will, Power, Speech.

  20. Hearing and Sight. Power depends on will, it manifests according to mans will. Will is dependant on knowledge & manifests accordingly...

  21. Knowledge depends on life; man's knowledge depends on his natural disposition that is his creational program...

  22. If you don't want to feel regret stay away from those who address your emotions & be near those who address your intellect.

  23. It's not surprising for people to think they are a saint/mahdi in a world where everyone thinks they know everything & criticizes everyone.

  24. In a universe where the number of stars are more than all the sand grains in all of the beaches, whatever your label may be, you're nothing!

  25. The consequence of every action that transpires from every person will inevitably return to them. Do what you will; it will come back to you.

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