1. One sun year is 255 million earth years, which means a lifespan of 70 years on earth is only going to feel like 7-8 seconds in the afterlife.

  2. When the perception of matter ends with death, life's going to continue in one's grave/hologram world on the platform & time zone of the Sun.

  3. Death is the transition from a limited life to an unlimited one with the limits of your conditionings! Consider the results of that...

  4. The hardest thing in life is to hear&accept your faults &deficiencies, even harder is to fix them, the brain always finds a thousand excuses.

  5. Its always a safe bet to look outside for the offender, its the brains way of deluding itself. The smart one always looks to himself to fix!

  6. No matter who you are, you'll always be bound by and subject to the conditions of your environment, so either leave it or be content with it.

  7. The Quran describes gossipers as eating the flesh of their brothers/sisters. Gossipers are cannibals!

  8. The word 'nafs' (self-ego-identity-person) in religious terminology refers to the 'brain'. The 'self' becomes manifest from the brain.

  9. Some people still think of the brain as the hardware and the data within it as the software, whereas the brain itself is entirely software.

  10. While the thinking brain produces ideas, the primitive brain produces mud of denial.

  11. Don't claim you know anyone, for what you think you know is your perception of them. Even your beloved is only as much as you perceive.

  12. Just as you know for sure that fire burns, know with certainty that the source of your suffering is your own actions and conditioning!

  13. As soon as what you say goes over the capacity of the listener, he's going to label you 'absurd', only to reveal & label his own capacity.

  14. The best thing you can do for your brain when you feel tired is to take a nap. Sleep is the best remedy for the brain.

  15. How can one, who lives between the walls of egotism and pride, talk of freedom?

  16. You can't change habits & conditioning that take many years to construct in only a few weeks. Hence Sufi practices are applied for years!

  17. There's no day/night in the life of the grave. Everyone designs their life in the grave with their thoughts, emotions & conditioning - now!

  18. People will pay the price for ingratitude by becoming deprived of the things for which they are ungrateful... & never finding what they seek.

  19. Faith is the result of intellect he who lacks intellect can't have faith. A limited intellect deifies a god, a full intellect realizes Allah.

  20. Have you put yourself in others' shoes before making a judgment about them? How about if you were subject to the same conditioning as they were?

  21. While even monkeys use their intellect, how can humans, with unparalleled capacity of intellect & reasoning, be told "don't think, follow”!?

  22. Many things will remain a mystery until it is realized that the Knowledge, Will & Power of Allah are manifest in the brain at every instance.

  23. Why religion? So that you can cleanse yourself from the concept of a deity/god and know your True Self & the One referenced as Allah…

  24. Whether you call it Sunnatullah or karma, we're all subject to the same system! Your thoughts are like a boomerang, they will come back to you!

  25. If the origin of one's spirit is data/wave can it have a weight, mass, shape & size? How much space will you take up when you're bodiless?

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