1. There is no return to soberness after becoming drunk in love!

  2. Those eyes that look at you with love are the eyes of Allah. Do not be ungrateful to their owner lest you become deprived of the paradise of love.

  3. Recognize the fake lover by what he can't give up! For there is nothing a true lover can't do for his beloved!

  4. A fake lover tries to patronize his so-called beloved: 'Be as I say, do as I say!" A true lover becomes a slave to his beloved.

  5. A true lover never wants to part from his beloved, always wanting to be near. A fake lover satisfies his desire and moves on to other business.

  6. Turning away from love after it comes to you is the greatest ingratitude and its consequence is eternal suffering. Live for love - with love!

  7. If you can't see the beauty of Allah in your spouse, what you see in others is from your ego. The point is to see Allah in those closest to you!

  8. If you're not brave enough to cry out and exclaim your love to the world, you're not in LOVE my friend! Love leaves no trace of the self…!

  9. Separation can be a grace for lovers because it enlivens and intensifies one's love allowing him to transgress the form and reach the source.

  10. So long as you expect others to live according to YOUR rights your bound to suffer in your self-created hell. Let go and accept without judgment.

  11. It's hard to believe you're a believer if you can't see Allah behind the face and actions of the one you dislike!

  12. One deprived of love becomes enslaved to the past. An observer of Allah has no ties to the past, he sees the beauty of Allah everywhere.

  13. My friends! Love deeply, infinitely, unconditionally... Become intoxicated with love, but DON'T deify anyone or declare them saint or mahdi!

  14. True love is far from fame, rank, labels, monetary benefits/expectations. It’s a genuine feeling of the heart... without form - without reason.

  15. The word animal in the Quran denotes the human body, like 'mountain' symbolizes the ego. All suffering results from thinking you're the body.

  16. Jesus spoke of two births: 1st to the world, 2nd to the heavens. A body is born to the world, a "human" is born to LOVE.

  17. One who thinks he's the body has only one birth. The one born to LOVE is born-again, and lives in the world free from the world!

  18. Love can't be learned or read about. Follow the path of those drunk in love that you may mirror and synchronize with the love they radiate…

  19. You can’t become LOVE without becoming free from the chains of ego. Your conditionings are like shackles on your feet preventing you from flying.

  20. Do WHATEVER you want - IF you are not going to regret it later! Life's long enough to see the consequences of your actions… But too short for lovers.

  21. One who genuinely loves Allah will forego his ego and identity and become completely empty… For how can you fill something that's already full?

  22. Love can't be imitated, it can only be mirrored from someone who is living it. Mirroring happens to the extent you become selfless and one.

  23. The Antichrist will melt in the sight of Jesus, the Rasul of Love, like salt melts in water (hadith) ... Only love can melt the ego away!

  24. Love has no age, it’s an ageless, formless, bodiless flow, free and beyond the limits and conditions of the body…

  25. If Allah loves you He'll let you experience His love through someone so deeply that you forget your age and body and become freed from your hell…

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