1. “After all I’ve done for you!” The Quran deems this attitude to be duality. Allah’s blessings are dispensed by the hand of “His servants”. The verse “And you threw not, it was Allah” prevails and the shock of this reality will hit everyone upon experiencing death. EGO IS DUALITY!

  2. ‘Birds of a feather flock together’! Don’t be surprised by any union, they are content, they are with whom they should be. Incompatible unions will eventually come to an end while those that deserve to be together shall stay united.

  3. You shall inevitably share a common destiny with those with whom you are with.

  4. How strange that a majority of Muslims don’t know what they need to believe in! Faith in the TITLE or the CONCEPT of the QURAN IS NO FAITH AT ALL. You must understand the meanings of the verses and build faith in those meanings. You cannot have faith in what you don’t understand. 

  5. For you to claim that you believe in ALLAH, you must first try to comprehend ALLAH from the verses revealed by His Rasul. If these definitions make sense to you, if your conscience agrees with them, only then will you BELIEVE. Otherwise all you are doing is worshiping an illusion.

  6. The verse “(Allah) changed them into followers of Apes”… Certainly you are not of those that act without questioning, without reason, without researching to obtain the truth, ON HEARSAY AND IMITATION, just like apes! How often do you base your decisions on hearsay and imitation?

  7. The brain provides outputs based on inputs and its algorithmic process. THERE IS NO “ME” THAT CONTROLS IT. Verse: “there are no god’s, there’s only Allah” Verse: “la ilahe illa Allah” (21 November 2021)

  8. The verse: “And serve your Rabb until there comes to you the certainty” The hadith: “Certainty almost turned into blasphemy” What do these mean if contemplated together or individually? Refer to the surah ‘Al-Takathur’ to get a better understanding of the concept of ‘certainty’

  9. Quit trying to pass your duties on to an illusory god; Do your best by BELEIVING IN THE POWER OF ALLAH AS YOUR ESSENCE! Note to the verses: “We are closer than his jugular vein!” “And He is with you wherever you are” “Within your own selves Do you still not see (realize)?”

  10. Your happiness and sorrow are both based on your angle of perception! You evaluate situations based on your pre-existing conditionings. Your suffering would come to an end if you could just realize that ALLAH DOES AS HE WILLS, and see things for what they are.

  11. Know this; If you are unable to recognize the brain for what it truly is, your life will revolve around illusions derived from metaphors. Seven years ago, I described the reality of what we refer to as the brain in the below two videos… for you to contemplate!https://t.co/EmlnnSEtvE - https://youtu.be/D8V0sQ4UEhs

  12. The brain is blocked by sensory limitations, so our concept of Oneness is based on fragments consolidating to form a whole. Yet the whole is composed of many due to the variety of receptors. Knowledge mustn’t be shaped by sight, rather VISION SHOULD DERIVE ITSELF FROM KNOWLEDGE.

  13. Fear leads to worry which in turn leads to more fear. Once this paradox takes hold, people’s lives turn into a living hell. Cowards tend to worry allot, and conceal their fear under the guise of “providing protection”.

  14. We are created then we are informed of our REALITY. Some believe, some don’t… One by one, we will abandon our bodies and continue existence in our quantum brains with what we have acquired. If only we could live out this material existence by BELEIVING our ESSENTIAL REALITY.

  15. Trying to distinguish the Humans from the Humanoids? There’s an easy way: The one’s that hold the interests of others before their own, the ones that continuously prioritize others in their daily lives are Humans.  The ones that are only concerned about themselves, who’s lives revolve around their own interests and desires, they are Humanoids.

  16. Intelligence and intellect are not the same. Some people are more intelligent, some have greater intellect. Intelligence looks to satisfy immediate interests and can eventually lead to harm and regret. Intellect, on the other hand, leads to a longer term perspective.

  17. According to the Quran, a HUMAN becomes manifest (AS VICEGERENT) on earth and exhibits QUALITIES DENOTED BY ALL OF THE NAMES OF ALLAH! THOSE WHO HARM THEIR BRAIN fall far from Allah (like the devil who was cursed by Allah). Do NOT SUFFOCATE OR IN ANY WAY HARM YOUR BRAIN!

  18. We celebrate two Birthdays. The first from our mother into this world; the second from our body into the afterlife. The afterlife has also been referred to as the angelic realm, for it enables us to activate our angelic powers. Any other celebration is just a party.

  19. Everyone lives in the holographic reality of their minds regardless of whether they are awake or asleep. Time is a creation of the brain. We are in ecstasy or sorrow depending on the scenarios created by our brain from the data it has accumulated. We awaken upon dying!

  20. When a bear was set free after having spent twenty years in a cage, it continued to roam within the same confines as if the cage was still there. If you are unaware of the CAGE formed by the conditionings of your mind, you will carry on with the same conditionings forever! GETTING OUT OF A CAGE DOES NOT MAKE YOU FREE. FREEDOM IS GETTING THE CAGE OUT OF YOUR HEAD!

  21. DEATH AND THE AFTERLIFE are topics that spark everyone’s curiosity and interest, though most are unaware of the related verses and the Hadith’s. I would like to shed some light on the matter… What we refer to as the SPIRIT, is in fact an ETERNAL astral existence composed of data. It stores all the data it encounters from the moment it is created, and it creates the sense of self, the ‘I’. This is the dimension of existence that is referred to as the realm of the grave (Kabir).  It is the dimension of existence for all humanity. DEATH, is the separation of this eternal astral existence from the body. During this separation, the spirit will continue its existence within its own holographic design.  Whatever those around you are experiencing internally (in their lives of the grave), they will continue to experience after death. In fact, we all witness what those around us are experiencing internally through the instantaneous information (data) that we receive from them.  Man exists materially with the body and spiritually with the consciousness (in the realm of the grave). Death does not alter your existence, it alters your perception. Let’s leave it at this, for now.

  22. There are those that touch an upright domino piece thinking ‘maybe it won’t fall’. There are others that neglect all the nearby dominoes and think ‘no big deal, it’s just one piece’. But there’s no turning back once the first falling piece starts an unstoppable cascade.

  23. Don’t assume the spiritual level of anyone based on their ideas, writings or actions. “None will enter paradise based on their deeds.” You will never know if someone is close to Allah or not. Those that are with Allah are in Paradise; those that are with their EGO, well...

  24. The Rasul if Allah declared “Allah loves to see his blessings on his servants.” For some its clothes, shoes or sustenance, for others it’s the skills they are adorned with… But for those close to Allah, it’s the “THE ENIGMA OF VICEGERENCY.”

  25. How do you identify yourself? AS THE ETERNAL (HAYY) OR AS A MERE MORTAL? WHAT IF, on “EXPERIENCING” death and becoming aware of your immortality, the data in your brain identifies you as a mortal body? WHAT IF YOU ARE UNAWARE OF YOUR ESSENTIAL REALITY?

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