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  1. Woe to you if you waste your life on things that you'll leave behind, when you've come here to remember & experience Allah, your essence.

  2. While even animals show love & gratitude to their owners what can be said about those who ungratefully deny their unconditional provider?

  3. Humans have two birthdays. One into the world, the other into the spirit realm. All else is funplay. Calendars are relative, time is relative.

  4. Once Allah lifts the veils from your sight & lets you perceive the reality of the System there will be nothing left to observe but beauty.

  5. People, in delusion may give you credit for your actions, but Allah Knows the reality. People are deluded, Saints are observers.

  6. Entrapment (Makr) is as important as Sincerity, in religion. Feeling enlightened, elevated, chosen, many people are in spiritual entrapment.

  7. The betrayal of your so-called friend is the consequence of your inability to differentiate your friend from your foe. If you don't take a lesson from others' mistakes you will be next in line!

  8. May my Rabb & The Rabb of all the worlds bless us with faith, understanding & insight to see the reality & the ability to digest this truth.

  9. If you can't see the truth without being betrayed don't call anyone a betrayer, look into the mirror & see the heedless one without insight.

  10. Whatever you live, tomorrow it will become your dream. Life is about earning eternity in the 'now'. Don’t get caught up, earn your eternity!

  11. The effect of the energy vortex, the Nur that emanates from Kaaba on those that are circumambulating it is to lead the feeling of a return to one's dimensional origin. This is perceivable for the intimates of reality.

  12. In time, we will delve further into the mystery behind vortices and the process of discovery through which they become apparent.

  13. These energy vortices are gravitational points throughout existence. Much of formation is in fact based on the mystery underlying these very vortices, with every vortex having a different frequency.

  14. Believe it or not, besides the known & visible vortices such as whirlwinds & cyclones there are also invisible vortices.

  15. One that is of concern to us among the invisible vortices is what I call a 'plane vortex’, which engulfs and blocks the human consciousness.

  16. These plane vortices encompass and strengthen with the collective energy generated by the human brains that are of the 'same frequency'.

  17. The addiction to soap operas is another form of a plane vortex; the human consciousness is captured in it and is unable to escape!

  18. While vortices of collective genuine worship (not imitative) lead people to their essence these other vortices block human consciousness.

  19. If you find yourself entangled & stuck, going round and round in a situation that you should otherwise not take so seriously...Think again!

  20. A plane vortex derives its source energy & power from the collective energy of the masses & engulfs their consciousness.

  21. To trust Allah is to defer the job to the name Wakil in the brain, which resolves any situation perfectly without giving way to delusion etc.

  22. Every species & individual has its own vortex. The Names manifest in the form of vortices & this is what creates the power of attraction.

  23. Vortices form either form the energy (Nur) of the Name al-Mudhil (the Degrader) or from the energy of the name al-Hadi (the Guide).

  24. Knowledge/energy/data generated by each brain forms a vortex, which attracts & pulls others to itself that are of the same frequency.

  25. The person/situation your dealing with is in fact a vortex of a composition of Names, which can only pull you in if your frequencies match.

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