1. The deity concept is a strong data vortex generated by the Name al-Mudhil; it pulls the brain to externality whereas al-Hadi pulls to Allah!

  2. Every bundle of information in existence is in fact a vortex that pulls to itself other bundles (visible or not) of the same frequency...

  3. While Allah creates every form in existence the name al-Wadud is used as the primary Nur (energy) that creates the vortex of each form...

  4. The reason why 'everything is created with Love' is due to the vortices generated by the name al-Wadud; it’s the power that unifies existence.

  5. If people discovered the names of Allah that comprise their brain their lives will transform. Dhikr of Allah's names is the biggest secret.

  6. The power of attraction/gravitation & all other such relational forces between individuals & the whole creation are the vortices if the Names.

  7. Vortex energy forms & holds together the data packages that the ONE manifests as the universe. The name 'Wadud' is the power of attraction.

  8. A vortex is like a glue that holds together all the perceivable/unperceivable forms/data packages in the universe from the quantum dimension.

  9. Every form/data package has its own vortex, to which it attracts others of the same frequency&holds them in its orbit...

  10. All electromagnetic waves are essentially data waves, they're not lost in the universe, they unify with data packages of the same frequency.

  11. Anything that directs the brain to externality is called a 'fitnah' (provocation) in religion, what makes you realize your essence is worship.

  12. It's not possible to live without external vortices but you can learn to not be pulled into them, Allah's name of willpower 'Mureed' is within you.

  13. 'Mureed' emits the frequency of willpower of Allah (the essence of your brain) & strengthens your will & resistance to external vortices...

  14. The power of attraction to which the name Wadud points is what forms&unifies the data package known as consciousness (man).

  15. The essence of the brain is comprised of the Names, the word WE is a reference to the Names, which is where the spirit is from... In other words, the immortal human spirit is actually the intrinsic elemental level of the brain comprised purely of the Names of Allah. Thus the word 'brain' should be considered in terms of this intrinsic elemental make-up i.e. data/wavelength, rather than a bunch of neurons.

  16. To consider the brain as only a bunch of neurons can only mean either one of the following: That there's no life after death or the spirit comes to the brain from outside. But since a god in space isn't sending a spirit to the brain from outside, it's evident that 'spirit' is a reality disclosed from one's essence. The metaphor of 'blowing' the spirit alludes to the disclosure of this inner reality, as the act of blowing is from the inside out...

  17. In short, the Spirit is the brain itself, in terms of its original elemental make-up! It's not something that goes in or out of the brain...

  18. 'Disclosure' (irsal) goes from the level of Nur/knowledge of Spirit, then to the data of the Spirit, then to the worlds formed by that data. Irsal is when a quality or meaning pertaining to the Names becomes revealed such that it is externally perceivable. This is why reincarnation is absolutely obsolete! It's a baseless view spawned from a lack of knowledge and discernment... 'Revelation' (inzal) on the other hand is when certain meanings become disclosed in ones consciousness; it's internally perceivable, like inspiration.

  19. Giving more credit to people than they deserve results in unrealistic expectations. Evaluate their thoughts rather than giving them credit.

  20. If you overlook others' mistakes due to your vested interests, you have no right to complain when the result of their mistake afflicts you!

  21. Instead of glorifying others, know yourself! You're not going to be buried with others! Each will forever live the results of his own deeds!

  22. When Allah created you He put all the forces necessary to manifest all of your wishes in your brain. Stop waiting around & start doing dhikr!

  23. Those who don't understand the fact that the origin of the brain is a bundle of waves/data, can't grasp the essence of man & his immortality.

  24. If instead of our eye pupil we had another receiver of a much higher frequency to send data/waves to our brain what will our world be like?

  25. While the intellect analyses one's database to produce an output, intuition loads original information from the source in one's essence.

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