1. Turkey: Those that have not read my books or that don't know me are asking which side I am on. It's always been the nation and the people.

  2. They ask me why I live in the US. Turkey was in the hands of the Gulen movement until now. I had no support. Through its control of the media and ministry of religious affairs Gulen movement outlawed my books. They even rendered the government helpless. So, I retreated to my village and continued to write. That's all I can do - I'm on my own. I lead neither a tariqah nor a sect. I have NEVER received nor sought a return for anything that I've done. Whoever so wishes can freely benefit from it. Realities revealed from my work may conflict with certain interests. I ignore all ensuing attacks. We all reflect that which is Inherent.

  3. The Turkish nation is now faced with the battle to democratically maintain its sovereignty. It's a time for national solidarity.

  4. Turkey: It's just beginning. Beware of attempts to divide the nation. What if the coup had been successful?

  5. They attacked and killed their own people, they bombed congress, to whom would they have entrusted the nation had the coup been a success?

  6. Impossible to win this war unless the Turkish nation becomes an inseparable whole. Underestimating the situation will lead to great loss.

  7. The deadliest of beasts are the ones that attempt to kill their own kind just to enforce their ideology.

  8. If you don't respect the right to live of another, your right to live will in turn not be respected!

  9. The ambition to rule can be perilous. The desire to lead can cause one to get caught up in world affairs and become veiled from his essence.

  10. Allah has granted humanity the capacity to internally experience vicegerency, a capacity not bound by seemingly external limitations.

  11. Incapacity to grasp the limitlessness of afterlife, unawareness of Oneness and a life spent chasing passing fancies will ruin the hereafter.

  12. My stance on recent events in Turkey is clear. The next media slander campaign against me will be from the yet unidentified culprits. You can identify the culprits by tracking down the slanderers. My views are public (tweets, books) and have remained consistent over the years.

  13. O Allah, May Turkey remain free and independent forever! May those that fight for its independence always prevail.

  14. People become vulnerable to illness once their immune system is down. Similarly, governments become vulnerable pursuant to internal weakness. Those with the desire to control Turkey will look to first destabilize it from the inside. Time to abandon differences of opinion.

  15. A destabilization attack on Turkey will be very harmful to ALL of its constituents, regardless of individual background.

  16. No knowing where the next attack on Turkey will come from. The extension of territorial waters to 12 miles had almost led to war. Caution!

  17. Second tier EU states are over-bullying Turkey. Who’s driving their actions? Time for national solidarity and a strong and unified stance.

  18. There are slanderous and false allegations from the Fettullah terrorist organization claiming that I'm a sheik and that I lead a tariqah. I share my knowledge through my writings. THEY are trying to deter you from my writings through lies and slander. Continue reading my work!

  19. If it's inner peace that you seek, neither be a slave nor try to enslave another. FREEDOM is the key to peace.

  20. The punishment for overstepping ones boundaries is exclusion!

  21. The repentance of one who hasn't identified his flaw is insincere.

  22. You can't get anything back by regretting the past. That is where your past differs from your future.

  23. A high level of confidence must always be maintained. Once confidence is lost it can never be restored to its previous level.

  24. Attackers on a nation are never forgiven and will not be trusted. Their attacks on an innocent few won't veil their actions against a nation. Those that underestimate the Turkish nation will be faced with an unrecoverable retaliation. Turks will forgo everything for freedom. A vast majority of the Turkish nation favor leaving Nato and are nudging the government in this direction. Consider why and what comes next...

  25. Thoughts, words and actions are like an arrow. Once out of the bow an arrow can neither be stopped nor can its direction be altered.

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