1. Quran: “Will you still not contemplate?”  When you fall asleep, what remains from your day…what do you experience during your sleep? Everything becomes irrelevant while you sleep; whatever you own, whoever you are with, whatever your sorrows... Sleep, is a ‘sampling’ of death; once you taste of death, all your worldly considerations will become irrelevant.

  2. Interesting isn’t it! Many disobey the laws of Allah believing that there will not be any consequence. What they don’t know is that they will be faced with the greatest of punishments, a realization they will attain only upon tasting of death. The punishment: being consumed by their ego selves, thus becoming detached from Allah as their essential reality. The greatest punishment of Allah: not being able to feel or realize that your Rabb is your essential reality or as the essential reality of those around you. The devil has been cursed until the arrival of doomsday, those that deny their essence – FOREVER!

  3. We feel as if we control our bodies even though our illusory selves have no dominion over them whatsoever. This ‘illusion’ is the most vivid appearance of Allah in our lives! The realization of this reality is the first awakening. The second awakening: That the concept of “self” is created from nothing, the “self” does not exist. The servant is transitory, Allah eternal!

  4. Ascension (Mirac) refers the attainment of ones essential reality, at ones core! Not an audience with an illusory god in the heavens.

  5. In life, purgatory, doomsday, heaven or hell, we will continue our existence in OUR OWN world formed by our brain. For the true form of our brain is not flesh and bone, rather a wave-based existence composed of pure data. No matter your station, you are living in YOUR OWN world.

  6. The verse: “Every being (individual consciousness) will taste death...” Means that every individual consciousness shall eventually realize and experience their IMMORTALITY!

  7. It always surprises me to see that people who read, know and supposedly have faith in the Surah al-ikhlas in the Quran believe in the Big Bang theory. Especially when quantum theory doesn’t support it!

  8. I have been insistently saying this for years! There is no beginning or end to the universe! My source: the Quran. As the surah al-ikhlas dictates, the creator of the universe is that which is referred to by the name ALLAH, and it is created with the qualities (beautiful names) of Allah. If so, one cannot speak of a beginning nor an end to the universe; neither from the perspective of the Quran, nor from the perspective of quantum theory.

  9. Without understanding what the ‘NAME’ ALLAH refers to, without understanding that this name does NOT refer to a god, you can neither understand the Quran, nor the disclosures of the Rasul of Allah. All religious claims based on duality (not founded on ONENESS) and based on a god above are worthless.

  10. Ladies and gentlemen, you are deeply mistaken! You have identified with the concept of an illusory, non-existent external god since a young age.  You apply that concept to the name ALLAH and try and understand religion and the Quran…  In your mind, you create a religion that doesn’t exist, and then you criticize it.

  11. The ‘name’ ALLAH refers to an ABSOLUTE ONENESS OUTSIDE OF WHICH NOTHING EXISTS. As such, the universe, Man and everything else is none other than the observed within the observer within the ONE! Any concepts or claims outside of this fundamental reality have no merit.

  12. Regardless of how helpless and trapped we may feel, lets nonetheless be grateful for what we have, and make the best of our time.  Someday we may look back at these days with envy! When we taste of death and move on to the eternal, we might regret not having made the best of our essential reality while still alive.

  13. I take refuge in my Rabb, from falling far from my essence and being of those who drown in corporeality. May I not neglect even for an instant that I am in servitude to my Rabb.

  14. ‘Equality’ does not exist in the system of Allah! But for some reason we keep chasing equality. Is there equality of predisposition, background or opportunity? What equality can one speak of where Allah does as He wills?

  15. Oh you who claims to have faith in the Quran, have you read these verses.  Do you have faith in their meanings? If you have faith in their meanings, do these verses bring about change in your life? Have you discussed the meanings of these verses with others and asked their opinions?

  16. Dhikr is not simply the dogmatic repetition of certain names or words. It is the EXPERIENCE of the meaning of words you repeat.  Dhikr is experienced, and existence is observed through this very experience.  Dhikr is experience, in the same way that salat Is ascension, and those that don’t experience ascension have not performed salat.

  17. Oh Allah, during this month of Ramadan, please facilitate for us whatever allows us to rid ourselves of our DUALISTIC UNDERSTANDING AND VIEWPOINT. Broaden our comprehension! Allow us to taste of death with a FAITH PURIFIED OF DUALITY. Surah Yusuf, Verse 106

  18. Common duality comes in two forms: 1.  Accepting that there are independent beings exercising their free will outside of Allah 2.  The understanding that ‘I’ exist, in addition to an externalized Allah. Practicing Sufi’s on the other hand generally fall victim to one form of duality: ‘I’ and my essential reality (Rabb)! The problem is the ‘I’.  The ‘I’ is created from nothing, based solely on duality, it does not exist.

  19. Those that can’t escape the labyrinths of their minds are doomed to repeat the same patterns. Just like the oxen that went around in circles, pulling along a beam that was connected to the millstone, all the while thinking they were moving forward because of the blinds on their eyes.

  20. People fear death for they mistake themselves for the body! Whereas if there is anything to fear, it’s the ETERNAL LIFE TO COME. What will be the effects of all the information gathered throughout your life on your eternal quantum brain?

  21. As long as you live, every emotion and idea get registered to your brains main database.  From here, based on cause and effect, this data will manifest itself during your life and your afterlife. Your quantum-based existence will continue on into eternity, taking direction from the data that you have incorporated into your life.

  22. If there’s one claim I can stake as a result of my 63 years of research and service in religion and science, it’s that both approaches are trying to uncover and explain the system and mechanics of existence.  You must rid yourself of your pre-conditionings to be able to think independently. Religion, Sufism attempt to explain the origin of Man and the mechanics of the system in which we exist, through symbols and metaphors.  Perhaps it is for this reason that it is so misunderstood today, and this leads to people either accepting or rejecting it. It is a must to consider and evaluate scientific facts and findings for religion and Sufism to be understood and accepted by younger generations. In fact, its possible to explain the main topics of religion without using any religious terminology at all. The Quran explains our essence, our origin though symbols and metaphors, while science works to explain our reality based on a quantum existence. You can find Decoding the Quran and The Observing One at… www.ahmedhulusi.org/en

  23. When we hear the name Allah, we picture an illusory godhead in the heavens. Whereas the Quran is trying to pull your attention to THAT WHICH IS REFERRED TO BY THE NAME ALLAH. Each and every bright light in this picture is a galaxy that contains billions of starts. If the name ALLAH DOES NOT DENOTE A GODHEAD…

  24. ‘Be the giving hand of Allah!’ hadith of RasulAllah. Those that are the giving hand of Allah, give what they can unrequitedly, without discrimination for race, creed, religion, sex, or color.   Glory to those that have been selected as a giving hand.

  25. The one who gives, receives. The deceiver is deceived. Each action leads to an eventuality. Ask not why you are faced with a situation, for it is the consequence of your actions. We all live the consequences of our actions. Call it fate, call it karma, call it the mechanics of Allah.

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