1. Everything in life comes at a ‘cost’. Take a look back at your past, what have the costs of all that you have attained been? How much of it was ‘worth’ IT? And today? Do you know the ‘cost’ of your desires? Is it going to be ‘worth’ IT?

  2. Where does the macro cosmos end and where does the micro cosmos begin, is there a boundary, how, why? Where are we relative to that boundary? Where are the subdivisions of the singular structure, how are the various layers formed? If there are separate structures and layers, how do they get formed? If these exist, what are their boundaries, where are they? Or do they not exist? And what about the pen that writes your destiny, where is it in all this?  Who holds it? If these descriptions are symbolic, what are the symbols referring to? What is the reality behind the symbols? Questions directed to questioning minds; offered to those that seek to to know themselves.

  3. We suffer when we learn something that we we are unable to digest. You have two choices; either ‘don’t ask’ or if you do, ‘accept’ the result.

  4. There is only one way to experience the knowledge of reality, the death of ‘self’. There are two types of dying. You can ‘taste’ death, or you can ‘experience’ it. The difference is that in the former, there is an eternal existence imprisoned the cage of corporeality. The latter on the other hand comes about with the lifting if the veil of the self; where the experience becomes ‘ONLY’ Allah.

  5. The sense and acceptance of ‘SELF’ is an illusion created by the brain. This illusion is so powerful that EVERYTHING becomes based on the perception created by it.

  6. This planet; harboring billions of people from atheists to prophets, from the homeless to billionaires, from those that can’t find food to eat, to those that can’t decide what to eat. This planet is completely insignificant in light of trillions of stars and Power that creates them! Don’t you see?  Does it not make you think, reconsider?

  7. What is a “SERVANT”? Everything in existence is none other than COMPOSITIONS of the qualities of Allah! For this reason, its essence, its REALITY is ONE, and there is no other. Thus, it is a COMPOSITION emanating from the ONE; A “SERVANT”.

  8. Upon tasting death, we become free from the limitations of the body and continue our existence based on our knowledge and the forces of our essential reality. It is for this reason that those with faith in this reality DO NOT FEAR DEATH, in fact they await it with anticipation, while those without faith that FEAR DEATH!

  9. The most important point about the ageing of the brain is as follows: All data that has entered your brain throughout your life is registered in your memory.  The memory is data and it is stored at the quantum level. When the brain ages, even if the area of the brain that stores the memory doesn’t function with full efficiency, those that are aware of the power at the quantum level are able to manifest the resulting outcomes. Some become the pharaoh, and others Moses! Those that possess the quality al-Hadi become saints, and whose existence is driven by al-Mudhill serve the antichrist. In one way or another everyone serves their Creator!

  10. From the moment we experience death, our existence continues based on the formed knowledge in the quantum brain. For this reason, we may not even realize the transformation that occurs with death. It is thus that even if there is a physiological deterioration of the brain with age, the knowledge at the quantum level continues to support your existence. (end of 2020)

  11. Religion has been disclosed as profound knowledge to save people from being enslaved to corporeality, to turn them towards and experience their essential reality.

  12. The name Allah… it is a ‘name’ that refers to the core essence of man and everything in the universe. For this reason, the verses “Flee to Allah” or “Turn to Allah” speak of turning inward, to your origin, to your essential reality, NOT to an external deity.

  13. The core reason religion has been disclosed is to protect man from the unrest of the corporeal, and to turn him inward, to allow him to reach Allah. All that is corporeal is based on the fact that man considers himself to ‘be’ the body. Whereas the reality he will discover internally is a state beyond space and time.

  14. Please realize, the verse that was disclosed addressing those surrounding Hazrat Muhammad, “O you who have believed, believe in Allah (as your essential reality)”… “Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo aminoo biAllahi”, carries the meaning; turn to the ONE that is your essential reality at your core!

  15. While those who are in the service of the Rightly Guided (Mahdi) spend their days trying to explain Quranic realities to people and make them aware that Allah is their essential reality; those in servitude to the ANTICHRIST cover the disclosed realities with lies and falsehoods, and guide people to ignorance.

  16. Nothing will be like the NORMAL that we once knew! The great transformation has begun! The system of the antichrist has started to turn your world upside down. Salvation is only for those living the outcome of their faith.

  17. Bodies are born, they develop, and eventually decompose! For those who consider themselves as the body, they are dead the day they are born. A Human is free from matter (body), time and space, a Human exists as data, a Human is immortal.  Hell is the plane of existence (current and future) for those that consider themselves to be the body.  The cause of all suffering and hellfire are the conditionings that come with corporeality.

  18. Most of Man’s troubles are driven by the INCAPACITY TO PRIORITIZE. Have you considered where your priorities lie?

  19. It’s impossible to reason with someone who has been gripped by fear. The easiest way to control and manipulate people is by striking FEAR in their hearts! The system of the ANTICHRIST is to strike FEAR in people’s hearts by way of the media to control and manipulate them, thus crushing states from the inside out. Social satisfaction is paramount.

  20. Those that exhibit faith in the Quran and in Allah know well that, both birth and death are from Allah. No one dies before their time, regardless of diseases and wars! Death is a gateway that will be walked through and alhamdulillah we are prepared to walk through it. Fear of death does not exist for those who have FAITH.

  21. Your conscience is your guide (your Rasul). The unrest you feel is a warning from within. Insistently making mistakes comes from not being able to hear your conscience. If you heed your internal guide, you will avoid your missteps or quickly correct them.

  22. It is not death you should fear, but the conditionings that have imprisoned your mind! For they will have no value in the afterlife! They only serve to fuel your suffering! Your strife for worthless things will lead to great suffering in the afterlife.

  23. The ‘constitutional law’ of the system of Allah is: Auspicious deeds will be met with an auspicious return while cruel deeds shall be met with cruelty in return. Whoever shows and inkling of good will shall benefit from it, whoever shows an iota of cruelty shall receive cruelty in return. The path to hell is paved with good intentions.

  24. Good tidings on to those that will benefit from the three blessed months in dhikr, prayer, fasting and getting acquainted with their essential reality.  The consequences of your efforts will be your reward. And for those displaying cruelty, they shall receive cruelty in return!

  25. The Quran warns to refrain from duality. ALL SIN ASIDE FROM DUALITY CAN BE FORGIVEN.  Duality is the assumption that something OTHER than Allah exists. Existence belongs only to ALLAH, every perceived thing is a characteristic of ALLAH.  What you call “I” is a characteristic, “I” is the creation of your RABB.

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