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  1. If you want to measure your faith check your actions. 'I believe' can't be followed by a 'but'! To deceive one's self is the biggest expense.

  2. How freely can you share your opinions and belief? When will you be freed from servitude to your environment & the fear of being rejected?

  3. The greatest sin is to not be aware of the constant administration of your Rabb at every instance, in every iota of your being.

  4. Did you know that everything you think and say returns to your brain as a prayer wanting to be actualized?

  5. A woman who questions her husband despite everything he's done for her is a motivating force for productivity, don't call her ungrateful!

  6. Understanding Oneness is a tool for man, not the final objective!

  7. The real reason why you're here is to know the One whose name is Allah & prepare for the eternal life with the Names comprising your being.

  8. The heedless & ignorant think they're the mortal body bound to disintegrate but death is the awakening from this dream to an eternal life.

  9. The unfortunate ones are those who spend all their time on worldly affairs.

  10. One who doesn't question who he is & the conditions of life after death throws himself into fire & thus has no right to blame anyone.

  11. It's not yesterday's Quran & Muslimism that I explain but the Quran & Islamic perspective valid until Doomsday.

  12. Virtue is to respect creation for what it has been created. It is not for us to make judgments!

  13. Love is to merge & become one with the beloved. If this unity is absent then it's not love but infatuation & the desire to possess.

  14. The reality is expressed as Sunnatullah (the system of Allah) to which the covers of Satan and Antichrist (dajjal) are also included.

  15. He discloses the truth with His Name "Hadi" for those of guidance & covers the truth with His Name "Mudhil" to relegate those of misguidance.

  16. The real lover is one who annihilates himself in the beloved!

  17. As Allah programs all of the potentials of His Names, he who manifests the "vicegerency quality" is called "Abdullah" (servant of Allah).

  18. The more you're cleansed from your fears the closer you can get to Allah. For Allah there is no future or fears & expectations of a future!

  19. Thus those servants of Allah who have moralized themselves with the morals & virtues of Allah also have no future or future related fears!

  20. He created man so that man loves and knows his beloved. Have you ever loved someone enough to forego "everything"? That was Him!

  21. Whatever happened has happened, it was not possible for it to not have happened & whatever has not happened was never going to happen.

  22. To have faith in Allah one must have faith in fate. One who believes in fate will never blame others!

  23. Is the Interpretation you're reading about a punishment by a god in space or the experiential realities of the Names of Allah, your essence?

  24. Those who martyred Husain were cursed with the delusion of duality. Satan was also stuck in the duality of "you - I" and was thus cursed.

  25. Any time one feels a hell-like burning this is the result of their dual perception. As long as duality isn't removed peace can't be found.

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