1. Your tomorrow’s will be lost lest you are unable to free yourself from the captivity of yesterday. Free yourself from your past!

  2. If you’re unable to forgive yourself, it’s because Allah can’t forgive you. When, you do forgive yourself, it’s because Allah has forgiven you and you become aware of it.

  3. I’m a servant tasked with changing and renewing my fellow man. I gladly correspond and spend time with those open to change and renewal. Those that wish to be accepted exactly as they are for who they are, are welcome to do so, but they will remain far from me. My duty is to save you, FROM YOU!

  4. He is the one that sees none other than Allah, that knows that Allah has his back. He came with love, defined love, and experienced love. In love with Love. The cost? To rid yourself of your SELF. This is a riddle of love, dissolve yourself to solve it! You can’t experience love without sacrificing your ego.

  5. Man is none other than a quantum BRAIN.  All you need to know about the origin and reality of Man can be found via the link below.  Those that consider themselves material/corporeal beings need not bother. Those that prefer to attain the same information from the religious perspective can read ‘Decoding the Quran’.

  6. Those that have no love or respect for their spouses cannot claim to be Sufi’s. Tormenting one’s spouse whilst making proclamations on the ‘love of Allah’ is the height of hypocrisy.

  7. When YOUR revitalizer (Mahdi) informs you of your essential reality, YOUR devil (Dajjal) will seize the opportunity and invite you to corporeality, to live in the devil’s corporeal paradise! Until YOUR Jesus becomes manifest and defeats YOUR devil.  You must realize this to attain salvation.

  8. Whomever receives the knowledge of the reality and in turn uses it for material purposes, they will become the devil and their abode will be the devil’s paradise. It’s their destruction and no one can help them! Those that use the knowledge of reality for material gain are beyond salvation.

  9. HuMan refers to those that live with the knowledge and awareness that they are the the vicergents of Allah, manifesting themselves in physical form (on earth).  Those that do not live with this awareness, regardless of their level of knowledge, are referred to as humanoids, blind to the reality. The blind and the unaware...birds of a feather flock together!

  10. It’s been almost fifteen hundred years...neither the Antichrist nor Jesus have descended upon us!  Why then has man been warned against the Antichrist at every juncture? Have you ever thought about the fact that there are endless Hadith stating that those who enter the paradise of the Antichrist will actually enter hell, and those that opt for the Antichrists hell, will actually enter paradise...have you?

  11. Death, doomsday, purgatory, hell, heaven; these are all states that we experience that are related to the holographic universe and holographic existence associated with corporeality, with the human body! It’s the embodiment of the Antichrist, the Antichrist’s paradise is none other than your carnal pleasures. Those that think themselves to be a material existence, ‘the body’ will remain servants of the Antichrist.

  12. The amygdala drives the EGO. The amygdala’s main objective is to maintain and protect your conditionings. It’s weapon: your FEAR’s.  The amygdala, also known as intellect, is the protector of all that you know to be YOURS, it creates immediate responses and excuses to safeguard your conditionings.

  13. The Quran contains two types of knowledge. On the one hand it contains knowledge pertaining to daily life. On the other it explains the absolute universal mechanics of existence which is intangible, beyond space and time, as well as the role of Man within this existence.

  14. Religion has come to Mankind to explain what will occur once Man departs this life in solitude. Each and every one will experience the results of their actions.  There is no solace in being misled by another as excuses are redundant within the System of Allah (Sunnatullah). Think, and act accordingly.

  15. ‘HuMan’ is the Spirit of Allah according to the Quran, and is not subject to evolution. The most developed animal, the body that carries the ‘HuMan’ however is continually evolving.

  16. If you believe you are going to die – you have no FAITH! Death, is the continued existence of the consciousness in the afterlife after having TASTED its separation from the body. Verse: Everyone (each consciousness) will TASTE DEATH. The HuMan in its consciousness/data form is ETERNAL. It does not die, disappear and become reborn. 

  17. That which is referred to with the name Allah has neither a beginning nor an end.  In the same light, the universe which is a product of the realm of names also has neither a beginning nor an end, a top nor a bottom. The height of perception is endless higher matter, and the lowest, endless lower matter. The reality: all existence is data decoding other data. 2007

  18. People interested in Sufism think that they will become Allah by taming the body (animal) and the EGO (formed through attained knowledge)! Keep dreaming!!! The path to a life with Allah can only be achieved by purifying the bodiless existence from the attained EGO.

  19. Some confuse Oneness and assign godhood to the most highly evolved animal and the attained persona, thus believing themselves to be saints. They are in fact the walking dead!!! HuMan is bodiless, eternal, the divine SPIRIT, vicegerent; neither created, nor manifest. Success is with those that can live their HuManity! Sainthood is with them.

  20. The reason people become disappointed with one another is simple: they build an illusory persona about others based on the data that reaches their brain, and that illusory persona fails to match the actual person. Everyone lives with the illusory characters their brains create rather than the reality of their peers.

  21. Everyone lives in their own world! With the illusion they have formed in their brains thanks to a few bits of information about me - they think they know me. In reality - no one knows me apart from Allah. Anyone who claims they do does so out of lack of knowledge, out of ignorance. Everyone lives in their own world with those that they create.

  22. If the past was so important, Allah would have left everything in the past. How careless… to believe that you can renew yourself by basing yourself on past values and not taking advantage of that which the CREATOR renews; the CREATOR which in itself is in a new form at every instant, in constant renewal and change. The past is to learn from… not to get stuck in!

  23. There’s no end to what I have not discussed, to what I have not written. Remember the Hadith: “the state of yakeen almost turned into misperception.” There’s neither an end to the perceivable universe, nor is there a limit to the qualities and characteristics of one in touch with their essential reality.  May Allah guide us.

  24. Do you still believe in a god up above? If you aren’t aware that Allah is the essential reality within, then don’t bother. Great disappointment awaits you!

  25. If we could only rescue our brain from the clutches of our five senses, if we could learn to see with the eye of knowledge, our whole world would change. This is what some will experience post mortem, post apocalypse.
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